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Cat Cave for Multiple Cats & Large Cats

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Comfy Donut BedThe Comfy Donut Bed, or Cat Donut Bed Top-up, offers superior comfort and relaxation for your cat. It provides a soothing space where your feline friend can curl up and feel secure. This feature is especially beneficial for anxious or easily startled cats, creating a peaceful environment that enhances their overall well-being and sleep quality.Roomy Cat Tunnel BedWith a spacious cat tunnel bed! Keep your indoor cats active and entertained with this ideal toy for cats of all ages. The cat tunnel bed offers ample room for play, exploration, and relaxation, making it perfect for large cats and multiple feline companions. Say goodbye to boredom and promote your cat’s physical health with irresistible cat tunnel bed.Durable, Claw-Resistant & Furniture-SavingOur scratch-resistant felt cave is designed to withstand the most energetic play sessions of even the feistiest feline companions. Your cat can indulge in their natural scratching instincts without harming your furniture, thanks to the durable and claw-resistant material. Invest in the Peekaboo Cat Cave for long-lasting enjoyment and peace of mind.
30lbs, Large cats up to 30lbs, 29kg, Large cat bed, Large cat cave, Large cat tunnelZipper, Peekaboo cat cave, cat tunnel bed, cat donut bedPeekaboo Cat Cave, Great for decor, cat tunnel bed, cat donut bed, donut cat cave, cat bed caveEasy to clean, Cat tunnel bed
Hold Up To 30lbsThe Peekaboo cat cave can hold up to 30 lbs, suitable for multiple cats, puppy and bunny.HIgh-Quality ZipperDurable and reliable, the Peekaboo Cat Cave features a high-quality zipper that ensures effortless setup and long-lasting performance.Portable To CarryIt is not only comfortable but also convenient and portable to carry wherever you want. It also the best of home decor, you can place it anywhere in your home according to your needs.Washable & StorageUnzip for easy cleaning and storage. Vacuum, rinse, or hand wash with warm water and detergent. Air-dry for a fresh appearance.
Fun Peekaboo Cat Toy, Cattasaurus, Peekaboo Cat cave, Peek a boo cat cave, cat tunnel bed

Endless Entertainment

Cats can entertain themselves for hours by observing their surroundings through the Peekaboo Cat Cave’s Spy Peephole. It offers a fun and stimulating space for your feline companions. The added element of surprise and anticipation from the Peephole creates an exciting and engaging playtime experience.

peekaboo cat cave, cat tunnel bed, cat bed tunnel, donut cat bed, indoor cats, peephole

Peephole Feature

Fun Peekaboo Cat Toy, Cattasaurus, Peekaboo Cat cave, Peek a boo cat cave, cat tunnel bed

Endless Entertainment

Peephole, funny peekaboo toy, funny cat bed, funny cat tunnel

Engaging Interactions

Dimensions Peekaboo Cat Cave, Size Large, 24 inch, Peekaboo XL, Cat, Bunny, Puppy,Small dog

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