Kung Fury is a short film (30 Minutes) directed by David Sandberg

Kung Fury

Kung Fury is a short film (30 Read More
Grayson: Earth One a web series based on the celebrated Batman comics.

Grayson: Earth One

The second installment of "Grayson: Earth One," Read More
Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Animator Paul Johnson has labored the past Read More
Nightwing: The Series

Nightwing: The Series

"Nightwing: The Series" follows the story of Read More


A disease has been going around and Read More
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Short Film


Serena is a short film starring Jennifer Garner and Alfred Molina

Lust. Temptation. Forbidden love. All under God's roof. Jennifer Garner and Alfred Molina star in this eternally screwed up short film.

Cast & Credits

Starring: Jennifer Garner as SERENA and Alfred Molina as the PRIEST

Written and Directed: by Rodrigo Garcia

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