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Desenterrados - Unearthed Bookmark and Share


Dr. Samuel has tried unsuccessfully to rescue his daughter from the clutches of dead, but the research he’s been carrying out has brought back to life a large number of deceased people. The Unearthed can’t remember anything of their past lives, and have created an isolated community that is watched closely by Nicole, a psychologist. The strange dreams that Natalie is having and the mysterious voices that only Oliver can hear will force Albert to do anything to keep the secret hidden.



Cast & Credits

Christian Stamm as Dr. Samuel
Jessica Alonso as Nataly
Juanma Mallen as Albert
Maria Minaya as Nicole
Juanan Lucena as Oliver
Ines Padilla as Barbara Crew

Xavi Cortes (Director/Screenplay)
Carola Miralles (Production Manager)
Henar Rodriguez (Unit Manager)
David Avila (Director of Photography)
Carlos Sevilla (Sound)
Raul Botella (Art Director)
Paky Padilla (Costume Design)
Hector Monerris (Visual Effects) Websites

Fun Stuff

The series was filmed in spanish and english subtitles were added as well, so you can read or listen, the choice is up to you.