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Kung Fury is a short film (30 Read More
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A disease has been going around and Read More
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A disease has been going around and infecting a large number of people. The government proclaims that it found a cure. They rush to distribute said cure among the population, but, soon enough, some very nasty side effects pop-up. Specifically, people turn into zombies, spitting up black blood. The black blood contains this new disease that changes anyone who comes into contact with it into a zombie. Soon, the infection spreads all over Canada. Will anyone survive?

In 2020 a highly contagious flu swept the globe infecting 63% of the worlds population. For four years scientists struggled to find a cure. Until now... 2024, the cure for Malagnolia was discovered. But the cure ends up making things much worse.


Cast & Credits

Directed by: Aze Cowley
Starring: Gage Flexhaug, Kei Flexhaug, Mark Flexhaug, Madison Spry, Justin Jahn, Timothy Dela Vina

Web Links

►Twitter: https://twitter.com/RetinaPictures
►Instagram: http://instagram.com/azecowley
►Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1DzjIci
►RetinaPictures FB: http://on.fb.me/1zn4gup

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