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Syfy Channel is rolling out a few of new shows this year, and it looks to be a fun line-up. We have everything from deep space colonization in The Expanse to mythological Gods in Olympus heading are way. There is even one written by Arthur C. Clarke about an alien invasion.

Syfy has released the first nine minutes of its upcoming dystopian thriller “12 Monkeys,” which premieres Jan. 16 at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

12 Monkeys (2014 TV Series) - “ Premieres: 9pm Friday, January 16 on Syfy. ” 12 Monkeys is a drama based on the 1995 Universal Pictures film directed by Terry Gilliam.

Helix (2014 TV Series) - “ Season 2 Premieres: 10pm Friday, January 16 on Syfy. ”

After barely escaping with their lives, the survivors of Season One attempt to move on from the horrors that took place at Arctic Biosystems. But when their work takes them to a mysterious and remote wooded island, they quickly discover the Ilaria Corporation's reach is deeper and darker than anyone imagined, and a deadly new virus will present a threat that no one thought possible.

Synopsis (Crossed - Air Date: November 23, 2014)

Between holding down the church and going on a rescue mission, our group is spread pretty thin. Is this going to be the breaking point?

Bruce Campbell will reprise his role as Ash in a 10-episode show which will premiere on Starz in 2015. Ash Vs. Evil Dead will reunite Campbell with director Sam Raimi and producer Rob Tapert.

Synopsis (Self Help - Air Date: November 9, 2014)

A new set of issues confront our group while on a mission. Will they be able to push through and survive these challenges? Or better yet, each other?

Synopsis (Four Walls and a Roof - Air Date: October 26, 2014)

Rick and the group find themselves pitted against some very nasty people, but our group might just have a plan to gain the upper hand.

Synopsis (Air Date: March 9, 2014)

As one group finds what may be an ideal shelter, another group comes to realize that the best protection comes from those around them. Guest stars: Dan - Keith Brooks, Harley - JD Evermore, Len - Marcus Hester, Tony - Davi Jay, Joe - Jeff Kober, Billy - Eric Mendenhall,  Written By: Curtis Gwinn and Directed By: Ernest Dickerson.

Synopsis (Air Date: March 2, 2014)

Faced with the day-to-day survival of life outside shelter, a simple request by someone in the group leads to a bizarre but enlightening mission. Written by: Angela Kang and Directed by: Julius Ramsay.