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NBC is off to see the wizard—again. The Network has revived its previously cancelled fantasy drama project "Emerald City." This revival happens just a few weeks after the network ordered yet another OZ-Type project, a live version of the Broadway musical The Wiz.

"A.D. The Bible Continues" is a 12-part, epic mini-series event and it premieres Easter Sunday, April 5th 9-10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

Constantine (based on the comic by DC Comics) is coming to NBC at a 10pm Friday slot starting this fall.

It's good news for fans of DC Comics' preeminent supernatural sleuth, because this take on John Constantine is a whole lot more like the Vertigo character than the version Keanu Reeves played on the big screen almost a decade ago.

Rosemary's Baby the miniseries event begins Sunday, May 11th on NBC.

Based on the 1967 best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin, this new adaptation of "Rosemary's Baby" centers on a young married couple who escapes New York and moves to Paris with hopes of leaving their sad past behind. After a series of unfortunate events, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse are presented with an offer they can't refuse - an apartment at the most prestigious address in the city. Problem is, it comes with a haunted past and an immeasurable price.

Levitation, telekinesis, the ability to control nature, even predict the future... since she was two years old, Bo has had gifts she could neither fully understand nor control. Raised by a small group known as the "True Believers," the orphaned girl has been safeguarded from harmful outsiders who would use her forces for personal gain. But now that she is 10, her powers have become stronger, and the threat has grown more dangerous.

Here’s a sneak peek at the next episode of The Blacklist which airs November 4, 2013 with episode 7, "Frederick Barnes".

Here’s a sneak peek at the next episode of The Blacklist — "Gina Zanetakos" October 28, 2013 on NBC.

NBC debuts its new drama "Dracula" at 9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25 following the third season premiere of "Grimm" at 8 p.m.

Here is a quick list or the current status of your favorite TV shows (2013-2014): Renewals, Cancellations or Upcoming Series listed by network.

Look who's making the news again! One of NY's most beloved news anchors, Mike Henry (Michael J. Fox, "Spin City", "Family Ties"), put his career on hold to spend more time with his family and focus on his health after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. But now five years later, with the kids busy growing up and Mike growing restless, it just might be time for him to get back to work.

To bring the most powerful people in the world to their knees... threaten what they hold most dear.

It's 1715 on the Bahamian island of New Providence, the first functioning democracy in the Americas, where the diabolical pirate Edward Teach, a.k.a. Blackbeard (John Malkovich), reigns over a rogue nation of thieves, outlaws and miscreant sailors. Part shantytown and part marauder's paradise, this is a place like no other on Earth - and a mounting threat to international commerce.

Revolution Season 2: Our heroes made the treacherous journey to the Tower and were able to turn on the power, but at what cost? The effects of this move prove to be catastrophic for everyone.