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The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 06 'Consumed' Recap

  • Monday, 17 November 2014 00:00
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Synopsis (Consumed - Air Date: November 16, 2014)

Cautiously, members of our group must venture into a familiar location on a heroic rescue mission. It's a huge stage, but so are the stakes.

Full Recap (spoilers)

In a flashback, Carol drives away from Rick after being banished from the prison. She spends the night alone in an abandoned building. The next morning, she sees smoke on the horizon and drives to investigate. It’s the prison, now decimated.

Back in the present, Carol and Daryl pursue the car with the white cross into Atlanta. The car stops at an intersection. A police officer gets out and clears debris from the street. He returns to the car and heads downtown. Daryl and Carol try to follow but their car won’t start.

Carol leads Daryl to a nearby building she knows of where they can rest for the night: It’s an abandoned women’s shelter she stayed at with Sophia. They hear noises in the hall and find a walker mother and her undead toddler pounding on a door. Carol moves to kill them, but Daryl stops her.

The next morning, Carol watches Daryl carrying the shrouded bodies of the walker mother and child to a pyre. She joins him. “Thank you,” she says.

In a flashback, Carol digs graves for Lizzie and Mika. Tyreese brings one of their shrouded bodies and lays it next to the grave.

The next day, Daryl suggests they scope out the city from a tall building in the hopes of spotting the cross car. They reach a sky bridge that leads to a building with high vantage points. The bridge is littered with walkers in sleeping bags and tents. They kill the walkers and cross the bridge.

Daryl and Carol find a room with a view of downtown Atlanta. As they study the cityscape for clues, Carol notes that Daryl hasn’t asked what happened to Lizzie and Mika. “I know what happened,” he says. “They ain’t here.” Through a rifle scope, Daryl spots a van with white crosses painted on its rear windows.

Daryl and Carol are backtracking through the building when Noah suddenly ambushes them at gunpoint and takes their rifle and crossbow. Carol tries to shoot him but Daryl swats her arm away, allowing Noah to escape.

Afterwards, Carol argues that she was only going to injure Noah, not kill him. “He’s just a damn kid,” Daryl says.

“I don’t want you to die,” she counters. “I can’t stand around and watch it.”

In a flashback, Carol burns Karen’s and David’s bodies at the prison after she’s killed them.

Daryl and Carol reach the van, which is teetering off the side of a bridge. They search the interior and spot the initials “G.M.H.,” deducing that the van is from Grady Memorial Hospital.

Walkers suddenly surround the van. Outnumbered, Daryl and Carol shut the rear doors and buckle up. The van tumbles off the edge of the bridge and slams to the ground below. Daryl and Carol stagger out, shaken but alive.

As they rest in a nearby building, Carol notes they’re only three blocks from Grady Memorial. They spot cars with white crosses parked outside the hospital. Carol, meanwhile, ruminates on the women’s shelter and explains that she and Sophia stayed there for a brief time. She tells Daryl that at the prison, she was finally able to become the person she always thought she should be. “And then she got burned away,” she says.

They hear a noise and find a walker pinned to a wall with one of Daryl’s crossbow bolts. Following the trail, they come upon Noah, who’s struggling to barricade a walker behind a door with a bookcase.

Daryl bum-rushes Noah. The bookcase falls, trapping Noah underneath. As the walker clamors for Noah, he begs for help. “Already saved you once,” Daryl says. Before the walker can bite Noah, however, Daryl shoots it in the head.

In a flashback, Carol runs through the woods as smoke and gunfire emanate from Terminus. She takes off her blood-smeared poncho.

Back in the present, Noah thanks Carol and Daryl but says he has to leave in order to evade the hospital’s police. Daryl eagerly asks if Noah has seen a blond girl. “Beth?” Noah asks, explaining she helped him escape.

As Noah leads Carol and Daryl to a hideout, Carol steps into the road and gets hit by a hospital car. Dawn’s officers quickly load Carol on a gurney and drive off. Noah stops Daryl from intervening, explaining the hospital’s doctors are the only ones who can save her now.

“We can get her back,” Noah says. “We can get Beth back.”

“What’s it gonna take?” Daryl asks.

“A lot,” Noah says. “They’ve got guns, people.”

Daryl says, “So do we.”

Next Episode: Crossed

Between holding down the church and going on a rescue mission, our group is spread pretty thin. Is this going to be the breaking point?

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