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The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 02 'Strangers' Recap & Behind the Scenes

Walking Dead Episode Synopsis (Strangers - Air Date: October 19, 2014)

With supplies running low and not knowing whether to trust the people around them, Rick leads a mission where the risk might not be worth the reward.

Full Recap (spoilers)

The survivors march through the woods. During a break, Tara thanks Rick for saving her life. Tyreese, meanwhile, advises Carol to tell the group that she killed Karen and David at the prison. He adds that he doesn’t want to tell anyone about Lizzie and Mika. “I just need to forget it,” he says.

That night, Rick thanks Carol for saving the group. “I sent you away to this and now we’re joining you,” Rick tells her. “Will you have us?” Carol nods.

Carol and Daryl are guarding the camp when Daryl suddenly snaps to attention, sensing they’re being watched. A mysterious figure lurks at the treeline, but Daryl cannot see it.

The next day, Abraham informs Rick of his intentions to get back on the road to D.C. Meanwhile, Sasha and Bob play “Good out of the bad,” where Sasha itemizes their dire circumstances and Bob finds a silver lining to each one. They kiss.

The group hears a cry for help. At Carl’s insistence, they run toward the source and find a priest surrounded by walkers. They kill the walkers. The priest thanks them and introduces himself as Gabriel. Rick interrogates Gabriel, distrustful when the priest claims that he’s never killed any walkers or people.

As Gabriel leads the group to his church, he explains that he keeps to himself and never strays far. Rick asks if he’s been spying on their group, but Gabriel insists he hasn’t.

Upon arriving at the church, the group inspects every room, guns ready. Rick finds a large pile of empty food cans behind the altar.

As the group decides on a course of action, Abraham tells Rick he found a bus that could transport them to D.C. Michonne says they need a break, but Abraham insists that would only slow them down. Rick agrees with Michonne and leads everyone inside.

Gabriel tells Rick that he’s been living on food from a canned food drive that his church held just before everything happened. He informs Rick about a nearby food bank but warns that it’s overrun with walkers. Sasha volunteers herself and Bob to help Rick gather supplies. Rick orders Gabriel to join them.

Before leaving the church, Rick tells Carl that he doesn’t trust Gabriel. “You are not safe,” Rick warns his son. “Never let your guard down.”

En route to the food bank, Bob warns Rick against losing his humanity, reasoning that Eugene will eventually get to D.C. and restore the world. “If you let too much go along the way,” Bob says, “That’s not gonna work.” Rick, however, remains skeptical.

While collecting water, Daryl and Carol find an abandoned car in the woods. Carol recharges the battery, saying they should have a backup vehicle in case things go south at the church.

Rick’s group enters the food bank and finds the cellar flooded with water and bloated walkers. As they fight their way through the water, Gabriel panics at the sight of one of the female walkers. An underwater walker suddenly grabs Bob. Sasha smashes its head in, after which Bob reassures her he’s fine.

Rick’s group wheels carts of food out. Rick asks Gabriel if he knew the female walker when she was alive. Gabriel says nothing. “I get it,” Rick says, angry. “You only tell your sins to God.”

On their way back, Michonne tells Rick that she doesn’t miss her katana, which was taken from her at Terminus.

Back at the church, Carl shows Rick scratch marks on an outside shutter and notes that someone tried to get inside. He also shows Rick a message scrawled on the church wall: “You’ll burn for this.”

Spirits are high at dinner. Abraham toasts the group and urges them to accompany him to D.C. Eugene explains that D.C. has an infrastructure that can withstand major pandemics. After giving it some thought, Rick says, “We’re in.” Everyone cheers.

Tara confesses to Maggie that she was once part of the Governor’s camp. Maggie is momentarily shocked but reassures Tara that she’s now one of them.

Rick thanks Gabriel for his hospitality but threatens to kill him if he hurts anyone in his group.

Later, Daryl finds Carol trying to sneak away in the car they’d found. Another car suddenly tears down the road, and Daryl notices a white cross painted on its rear windshield. “They got Beth!” Daryl screams, frantically smashing the taillights of Carol’s car so they can pursue unseen.

Meanwhile, Bob is crying alone outside the church. A hooded stranger sneaks up from behind and knocks him unconscious.

Inside, Gabriel studies a photo of himself and the church organist – the woman who became the female walker at the food bank. He prays.

Elsewhere, Bob wakes to find himself surrounded by Gareth and the Terminus survivors. “I just hope you understand that nothing happening to you right now is personal,” Gareth explains. But, he says, at the end of the day, “a man’s gotta eat.” Bob looks down in horror to find his left leg gone, then sees it roasting on a fire. All around him, Terminans are feasting on the flesh.

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Rick and the group find themselves pitted against some very nasty people, but our group might just have a plan to gain the upper hand.

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