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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 10 'Inmates' Recap

Synopsis (Inmates - Air Date: February 16, 2013)

The group encounters many obstacles in their quest to find stability and safety, but sometimes all they have to guide them is hope. Written By: Matt Negrete & Channing Powell and Directed By: Tricia Brock.

Full Recap (spoilers)

Beth and Daryl sprint through the forest with walkers in pursuit. They escape and collapse in a field, exhausted.

That night, Beth encourages Daryl to use his tracking skills to find the others. He ignores her. She grabs a knife and heads into the forest on her own. Daryl snuffs their campfire and follows.

The next morning, Daryl examines human tracks and judges that "things went bad" for the person who made them. Beth tells Daryl to have faith.

Later, they arrive at a site of dead walkers. As Daryl inspects the bodies, a walker attacks Beth. Daryl yanks the walker off her and stabs it through the head.

They reach railroad tracks and find walkers feasting on freshly-killed humans. Daryl kills the walkers while Beth breaks down in tears.

That night, Beth feeds their campfire with pages from her diary, in which she had written the following after moving into the prison: "We're not gonna die. I believe for daddy. If this doesn't work, I don't know how I could keep going."

Earlier in the day, Mika and Lizzie are walking through the woods with Tyreese, who carries an alive-and-well Judith. Mika laments that Carol isn't with them.

That night, Lizzie quietly slices up baby rabbits with her knife. Tyreese, meanwhile, gives Judith a bottle to quiet her crying. They hear walkers approaching their camp and flee.

The next day, Tyreese again tries to shush a crying Judith. Mika startles at the sound of birds and runs off into the forest. Tyreese and Lizzie run after her. She apologizes for being afraid.

They hear someone cry out nearby. Tyreese gives Judith to Lizzie and places Lizzie and Mika back-to-back, allowing them to see in all directions. He hands Mika a gun, then goes off to investigate the cries.

By the railroad tracks, Tyreese finds a group of strangers fighting off walkers. He runs to their rescue.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Judith starts crying. Lizzie puts her hand over Judith's mouth and nose, staring with fascination as the baby struggles to breathe. Mika cries out at the sight of approaching walkers, and fires her gun.

Back at the railroad tracks, walkers begin to overtake the group. Tyreese hears Mika's gunshot but keeps fighting until all the walkers are dead. Then he hears his name, and turns to see Carol with Lizzie, Mika and Judith.

Nearby, one of the strangers Tyreese tried to rescue bleeds profusely from a walker bite. Before dying, he urges Tyreese and Carol to follow the railroad tracks, explaining they will eventually reach a safe haven.

Later, as they walk down the tracks, Carol tells Tyreese that she wasn't at the prison during the attack, but saw them running into the woods. They come across a gate with a map and a sign promising "Sanctuary for all."

Meanwhile, Sasha dresses Bob's bullet wound by a brook as Maggie sharpens her knife. Sasha suggests they stay put for the night but Maggie sets off to find Glenn. Bob follows and Sasha reluctantly joins them, saying, "We should be out looking for food, shelter."

They stumble upon the prison school bus (where Glenn was last seen) abandoned by the side of the road. Maggie circles the bus as the walkers inside claw at the windows. She has to know if Glenn is in there.

Sasha and Bob stand on either side of the bus's back door and let walkers out one by one. Maggie takes a good look at each face before killing them. But Sasha loses control of the door and walkers start pouring out of the bus. Bob, Sasha and Maggie slaughter them all. Maggie boards the bus and finds no trace of Glenn. She cries with relief.

Back at the prison, Glenn wakes up amid all the rubble and calls for Maggie. He searches their cell block, but finds no one. He gathers supplies, including riot gear and a helmet.

Dressed in the riot gear, Glenn charges through a cluster of walkers outside, but stops when he sees Tara sitting in a daze. He gives her a gun and enlists her help in escaping the prison.

On the road, Tara apologizes for attacking the prison, saying "Brian" — the Governor — told her they were bad people. Glenn is shocked at the news of Hershel's death and asks Tara to help him find Maggie.

A large group of walkers approaches. As they fight them off, Glenn keels over and loses consciousness. Tara slaughters the rest as an unfamiliar truck pulls up. "Hope you enjoyed the show, assholes!" she yells at the truck. Two men and a woman get out. "You got a damn mouth on you," one man says. "What else you got?"

Next Episode 11: Claimed

Just when Rick thinks he's going to be able to relax, he's faced with multiple immediate threats. Other members of the group deal with their past.

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