Exclusive Interview with Levi Meaden About His Upcoming Role in SyFy's Olympus

  • Tuesday, 31 March 2015 00:00
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Photo Credit: Malcolm Tweedy Photo Credit: Malcolm Tweedy

Some might recognize Levi Meaden from his previous roles in such TV Series as The 100, or from The Killing where he played A.J. Fielding, just to name a couple.  He is a talented newcomer on the scene with a bright future ahead of him.  

Levi is not only good in front of the camera he has also produced a documentary titled Citizen Marc which premiered at the Montreal Film Festival and he has done some directing as well.

ScreenRave had a chance to catch up with Levi for an exclusive interview about his role as Kimon in the upcoming series Olympus which premiers this Thursday, Apr 02 at 9:00 PM on SYFY.


1) How was it decided that you would be perfect for the role as Kimon?

Initially I had tried out for the part of Prince Lykos, but I was not quite the right fit for the role. I was then asked to read for Kimon. I did not hear anything right away and after a week or two I went home to a family reunion. About 36 hours after I left, I had a call from my agent saying I had to come back and read for the director. A hop, skip and a jump and I was reading for the final time. Initially they had thought about going younger but decided that given the nature of the role they needed someone a little older.

2) How did you prepare for the role of Kimon?

Growing up I was a huge fan of TV shows such as Xena and Hercules. This had led to a fascination with Greek myths as a child. When I got the role, I was super excited and began brushing up on the politics of the day as well as the mythology. In particular there was a book by Edith Hamilton called Mythology that I found useful as it laid out the origin and development of different Greek myths. It helped immensely to not only understand the god I would refer to in the show, but also the place these gods and celebration held in everyday life.  

3) Did you do extensive study of Kimon's life as an Athenian statesman using various writings of the time in order to portray him as close as possible to what his actual character could have been? or Are you just Winging it?

I delved into the thought process of the servants of the time, aided by their belief in Myth. I also read up on the day-to-day life, and how their scribes were trained and what their duties entailed. To me Kimon lived to serve, and found honor in it. He comes from humble background so to be in the palace next to the Prince was a great source of pride for him.

4) What do you find that is most interesting about Greek history and Mythology?

I find the origin, development and variations of Myths fascinating. They were great stories used to help guide one through various stages of life. Through years of interpretation they were refined to be so simple and universal, that even today they are still relevant.  Trying to understand their meaning, relevancy and influence is endlessly captivating.

5) How has it been working with the cast and crew of Olympus and what are your most memorable moments on the set so far?

The cast and crew of Olympus were fantastic. It was filmed at a breakneck speed sometimes but the set never felt stressed. There was so much fun had every day in trying to re create ancient Greece. Offset the cast bonded a lot and I think that really helped us have fun and take chances on set.

6) And last, but not least, what would you like to share with ScreenRave.com readers about yourself?

I am a super big film nerd. I actually studied acting and film history in the Czech Republic. This has extended itself not only into my acting but also into my involvement behind the camera. I recently helped produce a film that premiered at the Montreal Film Festival entitled Citizen Marc. I am also superbly proud to be the star of a small independent film entitled Alice in the Attic. It is in postproduction now and should be out next year.

For more information about Levi Meaden check out his profile on IMDB.

"Olympus tells the story of how a few brave men and women banished the Gods to the realm of the unconscious - a place they called the Underworld or the Kingdom of Hades. The series follows the protagonist as he seeks the truth about his past, which may be intertwined with the Gods themselves."

Official Website: http://www.syfy.com/olympus

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