The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13 'Alone' Recap

Synopsis (Air Date: March 9, 2014)

As one group finds what may be an ideal shelter, another group comes to realize that the best protection comes from those around them. Guest stars: Dan - Keith Brooks, Harley - JD Evermore, Len - Marcus Hester, Tony - Davi Jay, Joe - Jeff Kober, Billy - Eric Mendenhall,  Written By: Curtis Gwinn and Directed By: Ernest Dickerson.

Full Recap (spoilers)

 In a flashback, Bob wanders down a road, alone and despondent. Daryl and Glenn happen upon him during a supply run, and ask him the three questions. They invite him to join the group, and Bob happily accepts.

"Got any questions for us?" Daryl asks.

"No, it doesn't matter who you are," Bob replies.

Back in the present, Bob, Maggie and Sasha fight walkers in thick fog. Sasha cries out as a walker bites Bob in the shoulder. She rushes to his side, but he reveals the bite didn't breach his skin. Relieved, Sasha hugs Bob.

Meanwhile, Daryl trains Beth to hunt with a crossbow. She trails a walker and sneaks up on it, crossbow in hand. Before she can fire, Beth steps in a bear trap, alerting the walker to her presence.

Daryl rushes to the rescue and downs the walker before it can bite Beth.

Still in the fog, Sasha suggests they stay put until they have better visibility. Bob agrees. Maggie laments that her compass is broken, but Bob optimistically reassures her that they can just follow the sun.

Daryl helps Beth limp along. They come across a cemetery. Beth pauses in front of a tombstone that reads, "Beloved Father." Daryl places flowers on the grave.

Bob, Maggie and Sasha emerge from the forest and find a sign guiding survivors to "Terminus." Bob remembers hearing a similar message on the radio during the run to the vet college.

Maggie proposes they go, guessing that Glenn would make his way there as well. Sasha objects but is outvoted by the others.

Daryl and Beth discover a funeral home with a pristine interior. Daryl finds bandages and wraps Beth's injured foot.

While Maggie looks for firewood, Sasha tells Bob that Glenn and the others are probably dead and suggests they establish a new base for themselves.

Meanwhile, Daryl and Beth find a cupboard stockpiled with food. Noting the lack of dust, Daryl deduces that someone lives at the funeral home and declares they will only take what food they need. He then rigs an alarm on the front porch.

In the parlor, Beth plays piano and sings. Daryl lies down in an empty casket and asks her to keep singing. He quietly watches Beth continue to play.

Bob and Sasha wake to find Maggie gone, a note scrawled in the dirt: "Don't Risk Your Lives 4 Me. Good luck." Bob packs up and says they can still catch up with Maggie. Sasha reluctantly joins him.

Maggie follows the tracks and spots another Terminus sign. She kills an approaching walker then plunges her hand into its bloody stomach.

Bob grins as he and Sasha follow the tracks. Sasha asks why he's smiling. "I'm not alone," he explains. They reach the Terminus sign and find a note from Maggie, scrawled in walker blood: "Glenn Go to Terminus -Maggie."

Daryl carries Beth into the kitchen, where they feast on soda and pigs' feet. The porch alarm goes off. Daryl investigates: It's just a stray dog.

Unable to sleep that night, Bob asks Sasha why she's so reluctant to go to Terminus. He speculates she's afraid of finding out that Tyreese is dead. She doesn't answer.

Over dinner, Daryl suggests they try to live peacefully with whoever is staying at the funeral home. Beth asks why he suddenly believes in good people. "You know," he says, looking at her. Beth realizes Daryl has feelings for her.

The porch alarm goes off again. Daryl opens the door, but this time it's a herd of walkers. He orders Beth to flee the house, then leads the walkers downstairs and traps them behind a gurney.

Daryl escapes outside just in time to see a car racing off — a white cross painted on its rear windshield. Beth's bag lies in the middle of the road. "Beth!" he screams, chasing the car.

The next day, Bob and Sasha find another blood-scrawled note from Maggie directing Glenn to Terminus.

Daryl meanwhile sprints down a desolate road, still in pursuit of the kidnappers. He collapses at the railroad tracks, defeated.

Sasha spots a warehouse near the tracks and decides it would be a perfect building for them to establish a permanent camp. Bob refuses to abandon Maggie. He kisses Sasha, but she still insists on staying at the building. Bob continues on without her.

Sasha enters the warehouse and quietly cries at her solitude. She looks out at the base of the warehouse, where several bodies lie sprawled on the ground. One of them sits up: It's Maggie.

Surprised, Sasha accidentally knocks a window panel loose, alerting nearby walkers to Maggie's location. She runs to Maggie's side and together they kill the surrounding walkers.

Afterwards, Maggie tells Sasha she was waiting for them, admitting she needs their help. She then says she understands why Sasha is avoiding Terminus — because she's afraid to know Tyreese's fate. "I am afraid," Sasha confesses.

As Daryl rests by the tracks, a group of men surround him. Daryl aims his crossbow at the ringleader — the same man Rick encountered at the abandoned house.

"A bowman, I respect that," the man says, introducing himself as Joe. Daryl lowers his crossbow as they reach a strained detente.

Maggie and Sasha catch up with Bob. He smiles and hugs them.

Glenn, meanwhile, approaches the railroad tracks. He stops to investigate a map guiding survivors to Terminus.

(SPOILERS) Making of Episode 413: The Walking Dead: Alone

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After finding an idyllic place to establish a new shelter, the group starts to question whether it is possible to go back to the way things were.

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