The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 11 'Claimed' Recap

Synopsis (Claimed - Air Date: February 23, 2013)

Just when Rick thinks he's going to be able to relax, he's faced with multiple immediate threats. Other members of the group deal with their past. Written By: Nichole Beattie & Seth Hoffman and Directed By: Seith Mann.

Full Recap (spoilers)

Tara rides in the flatbed of a military truck while Glenn lies unconscious beside her. She scribbles a passing street name on her hand.

The truck halts at a pileup of cars blocking the road. Tara readies her gun as walkers approach. The driver — Sgt. Abraham Ford — orders her to hold her fire, then proceeds to kill the walkers with a tire wrench.

Afterwards, Tara remarks that Abraham smiled while massacring the dead. "Well, I'm the luckiest guy in the world," he says.

At the abandoned house, Carl and Michonne joke with each other over breakfast. Carl mentions Judith in passing, then quickly changes the subject when he remembers she's gone.

Michonne later confers with Rick and says she's going scavenging for food and supplies with Carl. Rick offers to join them, but she insists he stay behind and rest.

As they leave, Michonne tells Rick they'll be back by noon. Rick notes Carl's gloomy mood but Carl says he's merely hungry.

Rick moves the couch against the front door and grimaces with pain. He bandages his stomach, then lies in bed with a book.

After searching the first house, Michonne tries to lift Carl's spirits with goofy antics. He ignores her and claims he's tired. Before entering the next house, Michonne divulges that she once had a 3-year-old son.

Carl peppers her with questions about her past life. "I'll answer one question at a time, one room at a time, and only after we've cleared it," she says.

Meanwhile, Rick wakes up to the sound of men fighting inside the house. "You're a coward," one man says before killing the other. Rick quickly hides under the bed as one of the men enters the room and falls asleep on the bed.

As they sweep each room for supplies, Michonne tells Carl that her son's name was Andre Anthony and that he was her only child. Carl swears her secret is safe with him.

Michonne discovers a child's room filled with the corpses of five family members — their heads shot in an apparent group suicide. She bars Carl from entering the room.

Rick is still in his hiding spot when one of the men wakes the other, demanding the bed for himself. A fight ensues, and one of the men is knocked to the floor. He spots Rick, but is choked unconscious before he can warn his companion. The victor takes the bed for himself and soon falls asleep.

Glenn wakes up in the truck flatbed. Tara informs him that they passed the school bus three hours ago — and all the passengers were dead. Glenn shouts at the driver to stop. He jumps out and starts to backtrack on foot.

Abraham introduces himself and his companions, Rosita Espinoza and Dr. Eugene Porter. He says they're escorting Eugene, a scientist, to D.C. because he knows what caused the fall. He implores Glenn to join them, saying Glenn will never see his wife again. Glenn punches Abraham and they brawl.

Meanwhile, a pack of walkers advances on the group. Eugene fires wildly at them with an assault rifle, but only manages to hit the truck. The others rush to his rescue, killing the walkers.

Rick quietly leaves his hiding spot under the bed while the man snores. The men downstairs find Michonne's belongings and excitedly report that a woman is living at the house. Rick darts into the bathroom, where he encounters another member of their group. He strangles the man to death and takes his gun. Before escaping out the window, Rick opens the bathroom door a crack.

Abraham tries to fix the bullet-damaged truck to no avail. Glenn wishes them luck on their D.C. mission and leaves to go find Maggie. Tara joins him, followed by Rosita. Eugene recommends that he and Abraham stick with the group until they find another vehicle. "Trust me," Eugene says. "I'm smarter."

Rick crouches out of sight by the front porch, where the group's leader lazes with a can of food. Rick spots Carl and Michonne approaching and is about to attack the man when a commotion breaks out inside the house: The man Rick killed has turned and attacked the others. As the group's leader rushes inside, Rick sprints over to Carl and Michonne and warns them away.

Glenn walks briskly down a road. Trailing behind, Abraham tells Tara that saving the world is more important than looking for Glenn's wife. "How long do you think they'll live happily ever after if we don't get Eugene up to Washington?" he points out, wondering why Tara is even helping Glenn in the first place. Tara counters, wondering about Abraham's motives to get to D.C.

Rick, Carl and Michonne follow the railroad tracks and encounter an abandoned train car with a note written on the side: "Sanctuary for All, Community for All. Those Who Arrive Survive."

"Let's go," Rick says.

Next Episode 12: Still

Faced with the day-to-day survival of life outside shelter, a simple request by someone in the group leads to a bizarre but enlightening mission.

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