Dexter Season 8 Finale and End of the Showtime Series

  • Monday, 23 September 2013 00:00
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There seems to be a push toward shocking endings that leave an audience, or in the case of Dexter, fans shocked at an outcome. The days of fairy tale endings, happy ever after, have become cliche and don't punch you in the gut like a shocking or unexpected ending will.

Why is it bad to have a little rainbow at the end of a storm? Sure some will like the way Dexter ended, others will not, and a few will still hope a season 9 lurks around the corner or perhaps a spinoff that addresses some lingering questions. Spinoff? Maybe according to Zap2it one has possibility... one that focuses on Vince Masuka the other crime tech, but don't get to excited, there's nothing on the slab yet.

Having sat through 8 seasons, wow, how time flies, one thing is clear for me, this was not the ending I would have imagined. I am not going into details about what did or didn't happen so no need for a spoiler alert. There are plenty of articles out there that will racap everything but this isn't it.

The good thing about the ending is ... it's kinda left open ended. There are ways to imagine how the future might play out, but some things will never be the same for Dexter.

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