The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 16 'Conquer' Season Finale Recap

Synopsis (Conquer - Air Date: March 29, 2015)

Daryl experiences trouble on a run while Rick and his group continue to feel like outsiders in Alexandria, where trouble is creeping into the gates.

Full Recap (spoilers)

A 90 minute finale, all episodes should be as long in the future, more details covered and less things left out, each episode would be like a movie...

Morgan wakes up in the backseat of a car that long ago crashed into a tree. He stares at a rabbit's foot hanging from the rearview mirror and smiles. Later while camping in the woods, Morgan is ambushed and held at gunpoint by a man with a “W” scar on his forehead. The man tells Morgan that early tribes believed the first people were wolves transformed into men. “Everything gets a return,” he says, vowing to kill Morgan and take his possessions.

A second attacker appears, but Morgan is able to fight them off. He dumps their unconscious bodies into an abandoned car and honks the horn.

Rick wakes in one of Alexandria’s abandoned houses to find Michonne watching over him. Glenn, Carol and Abraham stop by to report that Deanna is holding a meeting that night to discuss his possible exile. Rick outlines a plan to take Deanna, Reg and Spencer hostage if things go south. Michonne and Glenn are hesitant and advocate a more peaceful resolution.

Meanwhile, Maggie tries to dissuade Deanna from banishing Rick but Deanna merely says she will make her decision after the meeting. Afterward, Reg catches up with Maggie to tell her that he will try to convince Deanna and the town that civilization starts when they stop sending people away, and that how they’ll live.

Outside the walls, Sasha wheels a flatbed full of dead walkers to a pit and then lays down on top of the corpses.

While tracking a man in a red poncho through the woods, Aaron shares with Daryl his guilt over the three men whom Deanna banished from Alexandria – men he had originally recruited. “I thought they’d work out,” Aaron says. “I can’t make that kind of mistake again.”

Back in Alexandria, Carol wakes Rick and gives him a gun to replace the one that was confiscated after his outburst in the street. Rick says that he’s tired of lying to the group. “You don’t want to take this place, and you don’t want to lie?” Carol says. “Oh sunshine, you don’t get both.”

At the house, Maggie tells Glenn she’s going to drum up support for Rick in advance of the meeting. Nicholas watches Maggie and Glenn from afar and then climbs over the wall after Maggie leaves. Glenn pursues him. Nicholas lures Glenn into the woods then shoots him in the shoulder, but Glenn runs off before Nicholas can find him.

Gabriel walks outside the main gate unarmed. Spencer, on guard duty, offers him a gun, but Gabriel insists, "The word of God is the only protection I need."

Back at home, Rick warns Carl that he might have to threaten or even kill someone at the meeting. Carl implores Rick to speak to the townspeople instead of hurting them. “They need us,” Carl says. “They’ll die without us.”

Having lost the trail of the man in the red poncho, Daryl and Aaron come across a food distribution warehouse. Daryl wants to keep searching for the man, but Aaron convinces him that scavenging for food takes priority.

Daryl opens a shipping truck, triggering a trap pulley system that opens the doors on all the surrounding trucks, each of which is filled with walkers. Daryl and Aaron take refuge in a nearby car as scores of walkers surround them. Inside the car, they find a note scrawled in blood: “Trap. Bad People Coming. Don’t Stay.”

Carol visits Pete, who’s been separated from Jessie and is now living in a different house. Under the guise of bringing him food, she orders him to go perform his duties as Tara's doctor and to toe the line. "If you play your cards right, maybe you don't have to die," Carol says.

“This isn’t my house!” an enraged Pete shouts after Carol leaves.

Rick checks in on Jessie at her house and says he’s not sorry for what he did. She warns that they shouldn’t be seen together. Pete watches Rick leave.

Daryl and Aaron, still trapped in the car, discuss their options. Daryl offers to draw the walkers off so Aaron can escape, but Aaron insists they fight together. Suddenly, someone starts killing walkers outside the car: It’s Morgan. Together, the three men slaughter the walkers and flee to safety.

Daryl asks Morgan why he helped them. “Because all life is precious,” Morgan says. Aaron offers to bring Morgan to Alexandria. Morgan declines but takes out his map for directions. Daryl recognizes the map as the one that Abraham left for Rick at Gabriel’s church.

Gabriel wanders through the woods and offers himself up to a walker. At the last moment, he changes his mind and kills the walker, then mercy- kills a man that the walker had disemboweled. Gabriel breaks down in tears.

Abraham brings flowers to Tara’s room and runs into Eugene, whom he’s been avoiding. Eugene apologizes to Abraham for lying about D.C. Abraham in turn apologizes for attacking Eugene and nearly killing him.

Spencer opens the gate to let Gabriel back inside. In a rush to attend the meeting, Spencer asks Gabriel to shut the gate behind him. Gabriel, in a daze, leaves the gate slightly ajar.

Glenn ambushes Nicholas in the woods. Nicholas gets the upper hand momentarily, but then he backs away as a walker stumbles over and climbs on top of Glenn.

Michonne stops by Rick’s room to summon him to the meeting. He confesses that Carol, Daryl and he took guns from the armory and lied to her because they were afraid she would disapprove. Michonne assures him that she’s still on his side. After Michonne leaves, Rick sees the wide-open gate and runs to close it. Spotting a trail of walker blood, he sprints down the street on high alert.

Meanwhile, Sasha visits the church and asks Gabriel for help. “No,” he says.

Deanna begins the meeting. Michonne, Carol, Abraham and Maggie defend Rick. “Rick just wants his family to live. He wants all of you to live,” Michonne tells the community. Deanna reveals that Gabriel warned her about Rick’s group, but Jessie and Maggie point out that Gabriel isn’t present to back up her story. Deanna counters that Rick isn’t there either. Angry, Maggie leaves the meeting.

Meanwhile, Rick tracks down the walkers that infiltrated the community and kills them single-handedly.

The men who attacked Morgan, the Wolves, arrive at the food warehouse with a captive – the man in the red poncho -- and slash his throat. Using a remote control, they activate loud music and disco lights inside the shipping trucks, luring the walkers back inside.

Glenn, having survived the walker attack, ambushes Nicholas and holds him at gunpoint, blaming Nicholas for Noah’s death. Nicholas tearfully admits he was scared and doesn’t belong in the outside world. Glenn lowers his gun.

Sasha tells Gabriel she wants to die. "You don't deserve to be here," Gabriel replies. Enraged, she pushes him to the ground and points a rifle at his head. Maggie walks in on them and convinces Sasha to lower her rifle. “You should let her,” Gabriel tells Maggie. Weeping over his congregation, he adds, “They all died because of me.” Maggie takes Gabriel’s hand.

Rick finally arrives at the meeting and tosses a walker corpse on the ground. He announces that the gate was ajar and warns that the living and the dead will always find a way in. “But we’ll kill them,” Rick vows. “We’ll survive, I’ll show you how.”

Meanwhile, Glenn helps Nicholas hobble back to the compound, while Gabriel leads a prayer with Maggie and Sasha. In the infirmary, Tara finally wakes up.

The Wolves shut the doors to the shipping trucks, re-setting the trap. The “W Man” who Morgan encountered earlier finds Aaron’s backpack nearby and looks through the photos of Alexandria. He pauses on a snapshot of Rick and Carl.

An enraged and drunken Pete barges in on the community meeting wielding Michonne’s katana. “You’re not one of us!” he screams at Rick. Reg intervenes and Pete accidentally slices his neck open. “Rick,” Deanna says, cradling Reg’s dead body. “Do it.”

Rick turns and shoots Pete dead just as Daryl and Aaron arrive with Morgan. “Rick?” Morgan says, staring in shock at the execution.

Later that night, Michonne debates whether to put her katana back on the wall. Resolved, she returns it to its scabbard and straps it to her back.

At the food warehouse, the man in the red poncho shuffles about, now a walker. Scrawled on a nearby car is a message: "WOLVES NOT FAR."

Next Episode: none till season 6 returns

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