The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 14 'Spend' Recap

Synopsis (Spend - Air Date: March 15, 2015)

While trying to secure their new home, Rick and his group face many challenges, some life threatening. Is this really the utopia it seems to be?

Full Recap (spoilers)

 Inside his makeshift Alexandria church, Gabriel finds a gift basket full of strawberries accompanied by a note: “Father we are so blessed to have you!” Feeling guilty, Gabriel shreds his bible in frustration.

Noah meets Reg in a gazebo and asks Reg to teach him about architecture, explaining he wants to keep the community standing for future generations. "So you're in it for the long haul?" Reg asks, impressed with Noah’s optimism. He gives Noah a journal to chronicle everything he learns. “This is the beginning,” he says. “You should record all that.”

Abraham splashes water on his face while Rosita sleeps. He stares anxiously at his reflection.

Aiden, Glenn, Tara, Noah, Eugene and Nicholas gear up for a supply run to find parts to fix broken solar panels. They drive off, the van blasting Aiden's “run” mix.

Rick finds Jessie in her garage, picking up the remains of an owl sculpture that was vandalized. He offers to find out who destroyed the sculpture.

Aiden’s crew arrives at a warehouse. Glenn suggests they case all the exits before entering. Nicholas scoffs at the idea but Aiden agrees with Glenn.

As Tara walks the warehouse perimeter with Eugene, she suggests he start pulling his weight. Eugene reminds her that he’s a coward. Meanwhile, Glenn and Noah spot a herd of walkers by the front entrance. “We’re not getting out the front,” Glenn remarks.

Inside the warehouse, Aiden’s team wanders through aisles of boxes and comes across a cage full of walkers. Tara and Eugene, meanwhile, find the parts they need to fix the panels.

A walker in riot gear approaches Aiden. As Aiden opens fire, Glenn spots a grenade on the walker’s chest and yells for Aiden to stop, but it’s too late. The grenade explodes.

Glenn comes to and sees Aiden impaled on a piece of machinery. Noah warns him that the explosion breached the walker cage. Glenn orders everyone to run into a nearby office while he grabs Tara, who is unconscious and bleeding on the ground.

Meanwhile, back in Alexandria, Carol discovers Sam rummaging through her pantry. He begs her to bake more cookies. Pushing him out the door, she agrees to bake cookies if he steals chocolate from the pantry.

At the warehouse, Aiden groans with pain, alerting the others that he’s still alive. Glenn orders Nicholas to distract the cage walkers with a flare while he and Noah rescue Aiden.

At a mall construction site, Abraham helps a crew gather materials that will be used to expand Alexandria’s wall. Out of nowhere, walkers attack the site and Francine, the lookout, falls from her perch. Tobin, the crew's leader, orders his team to fall back and abandon Francine. But Abraham rushes forward and saves her as the rest of the crew looks on in awe.

Back in Alexandria, Pete stops by Rick’s house and offers him a beer to thank him for helping Jessie look for the owl sculpture vandal. “Let’s be friends,” Pete drunkenly offers. Rick turns down the beer.

At the warehouse, Eugene overcomes his fear and shoots at walkers while carrying Tara to the exit door.

Aiden screams in pain as Glenn, Noah and Nicholas unsuccessfully try to extract him from the machinery. Nicholas gives up and flees. Aiden confesses to Glenn that he and Nicholas were the ones who panicked and let their former team members die, not the other way around. Noah pulls Glenn away as walkers descend and tear Aiden apart.

Meanwhile, Abraham chastises Tobin for leaving Francine to die. He takes control of the crew and assigns two lookouts. “We’ve got a wall to build!” he barks.

At Deanna’s house, Tobin resigns from his position as head of the construction crew, saying Abraham is more qualified. Deanna accepts, but afterwards expresses concern to Maggie. that “I put another one of your people in a position of power.” Maggie reminds Deanna that the reason she wanted their group in Alexandria was precisely because they know what they’re doing.

Sam meanwhile brings the contraband chocolate to Carol and they bake cookies. He admits he broke his mom’s owl sculpture, and then asks Carol if he can have one of the guns she stole. “Who is it for?” she asks. He runs away without answering.

Glenn, Noah and Nicholas run for the warehouse exit but get trapped in two quadrants of a revolving door – Nicholas on one side, Glenn and Noah on the other, and walkers surrounding them, banging on the glass.

Eugene pulls the van up to the door and blasts Aiden’s music to lure some of the walkers away. Still stuck, Glenn forms a plan to get himself, Noah and Nicholas out alive, but Nicholas pushes the revolving door open and makes a run for it to save himself, exposing Noah and Glenn’s quadrant to the herd. Noah is pulled from the door and torn to pieces as Glenn can only watch in horror.

Nicholas sprints to the van and forces Eugene out of the driver’s seat, offering him the choice of coming along or dying with his friends. Eugene reaches for his gun, but it’s too late. As Nicholas is getting in the van, Glenn appears and furiously pummels him.

Carol knocks on Pete’s door and asks for Jessie. Pete tells her it’s not a good time and shuts the door in her face.

Glenn drives the van as Eugene watches over Tara. Eugene sees Noah’s journal open to the first unfinished entry: “This is the beginning."

Gabriel visits Deanna to tell her that she should not have let Rick’s group into her community. “They’re not good people,” he warns. “They’ve done unspeakable things.” Deanna says Rick already confessed to doing bad things in the name of survival, but Gabriel insists the group will eventually put their own lives before hers and destroy everything she has built. Maggie overhears the entire exchange.

At home, Carol tells Rick that Pete is hitting Jessie and possibly Sam, too. “You’re going to have to kill him,” she says.

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The group realizes that sheltered life might not be possible as life within the walls starts to mimic life outside. Will these setbacks break Rick?

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