Big City Indians - 'Native Indian Power Groove'

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Big City Indians, formed in 1997, mixes contemporary roots music, rock, pop and folk with Native American sound which they describe as "Native Indian Power Groove".

The Band's unique emotional energetic mixture of a touch of rock´n roll, of roots, fusion, blues and solid songwriting attracted the attention of the Music Industry resulting in the receipt of Native American Music Awards - "Best Native Heart" recording in 2010 for the Band's album "Tribal Vision" and in 2011 for the solo release "The Call Of The Canyons".  They were also recognized with the Silver Arrow Award for outstanding contribution to the Native American Music Industry in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. And they were awarded Group of the Year at the 14th Annual Native American Music Awards May 10th, 2013.

Being the first european (Vienna, Austria-based quintet) ever to achieve the prestigious Native Heart of the Year award at the 12th and 13th annual Native American Music Awards, Big City Indians made history in Native American Music.

To quote lead vocalist, flute player and bandleader Wolfsheart:
"We think it extremely interesting to explore a world which is constantly changing, like musical sounds, which were created in the past together with myths and legends. Our native sound adapts to the life and time we live in. Our lyrics show a part of Native American life, its myths, its spiritual world and how we feel about it. This is a very important issue for us. The story of the Native American culture consists of ancient knowledge and its relation to Mother Earth. We also stand for freedom and acceptance of the Native American as a vital part of our
world's historical culture."


Wolfsheart: (lead vocal / perc./native flutes)
Chris Pogats: (guitar / perc.)
Gigi Skokan: (keyboards / harmonica / perc.)
Werner Haller “Firefly”: (bass / perc.)
Roy E. Pete: (traditional vocals / dancer)
Chris Kurz: (drums)

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