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  • Wednesday, 04 September 2013 00:00
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Most of the time living in America is a blessed thing, however, sometimes, gems such as Canadian Country artist, Shane Yellowbird, get discovered by us in the lower 48 a little bit later.

"What A Beautiful Concept" is the song that made my ears perk up not only to the richness of Yellowbird's voice, but also to his down to earth very relateable lyrics.

Many of us go through life trying to either change for our other half, or try to change our other half.

"What A Beautiful Concept" would it be to find someone who says to you, "Boy [or girl], don't you dare change one thing about yourself"... "What a beautiful life, what a beautiful love, what a beautiful concept..."

"What a Beautiful Concept" is off of Shane Yellowbird's debut album "Life Is Calling My Name" (2006). The song won him three awards at the Aboriginal People's Choice Music Awards Ceremony -- Best New Artist, Single of the Year, and Best Video. (

Yellowbird's second album "It's About Time" was released on November 17th, 2009 - on On Ramp Records / EMI Music Canada - he says that the album " more about me than my first record..." and that "Going into the studio, I had a real vision of what I wanted this album to be. I've made sure to record songs that really spoke to me. Each lyric and melody says something to me or about me. I'll leave that up to the listener to decide which is which!"

I did listen to and watch the video for "Watching You Walk Away" which is one of the songs on "It's about Time" and I found that Shane definitely put his soul into this one. His voice has much more depth and angst with notes and tones not heard in his early songs.


About Shane Yellowbird:

Shane Yellowbird, who is Cree, grew up in Hobbema, Alberta, Canada where his parents participated in the rodeo circuit and Shane learned how to rope and ride from a very early age. Faced with a severe stuttering problem, a speech therapist suggested to Shane that he sing his sentences to help him speak clearly. The technique proved successful -- so successful, in fact, that Yellowbird began entering and winning several singing contests. The life of this cowboy quickly turned away from roping and riding and moved toward that of another dream, being a successful country music artist. "I've been really fortunate the past couple of years," says Yellowbird. "My fans have embraced me and my music in a way I never expected. When I think about what I've overcome to make it to where I am right now (referring to his speech impediment), it blows me away. I couldn't have done it without the support of the people who are there, watching me on stage every night." Yellowbird hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams. Wherever you come from, whatever obstacles you face, your dreams can come true - something Yellowbird knows firsthand. Speaking and mentoring troubled youth, visiting young prisoners, and organizing concerts to benefit those in need in his hometown, Shane knows the true importance of giving back. The release of It's About Time is another exciting chapter in this young artist's career - a career soaring to new heights with each passing year. "I can't wait for fans to hear this new music," says Shane. "If they love it just a fraction of what I do, it's going to be amazing."

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