David Broza: East Jerusalem-West Jerusalem - Movie

  • Friday, 26 September 2014 00:00
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David Broza has started a campaign to raise funds to produce and complete his first documentary based on his album "East Jerusalem West Jerusalem".

"East Jerusalem West Jerusalem" was recorded over an eight-day and night period in January 2013 under the musical direction of the American Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Steve Earle, who also filmed the process.

The musicians, both Israeli and Palestinian, gathered in predominantly-Palestinian East Jerusalem recording studio and shared their musical and vocal talents showing that "camaraderie and bridge-building can take place through music, even in a longtime war zone".

The documentary will include not only videos relating specifically to the 13 songs from the album, but also behind the scene moments such as the interactions between Israeli and Palestinian chefs as they prepare daily banquets "of the highest level of cooking and the finest variety of foods," interviews with musicians in the studio, conversations with the children from the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Choir and other unique experiences that only would occur within this special project.

The album, "East Jerusalem West Jerusalem", was released worldwide in January 2014, and since then, Mr. Broza has been focused on performing shows relating to the album while working on completing the documentary.

"This is my first experience at producing a finished cut of a film based on my work" he says on his indiegogo campaign. "It has been a challenge and a very exciting one!"

To find out more, go check out his indiegogo campaign site at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/david-broza-east-jerusalem-west-jerusalem-movie

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