F&V Releases Their Debut Album 'Shivers Included'

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The independent album release "Shivers Included" by F&V is reflective, calming, refreshing, meditative and transports the listener far away from the chaos of life.  There is an ambient sound with an acoustical feel infused with an emotional layering of voice giving the entire album a unique sound.

Virginie's voice (the "V" part of the name) is rich and very controlled, yet free like listening to a songbird sitting in a tree while a gentle wind rustles through the leaves.  She can definitely sing acapela with ease.

Frank's guitar play (the "F" part of the name) brings a jazzy, bluesy feel and is exceptional and adds to the completion of their sound.

Here is a quick Q&A from F&V:

Q: Can You Spell Love: This romantic song is perfect for a wedding.  What would you say to this perception of the song?

A: "It's a very good perception of the song. When we wrote "Can You Spell Love", it was obvious to us that it would be a tribute to all these heartfelt Soul Music hits of the 60's. Songs imbued with romance and make you feel warm and cosy."

Q:Earth: If the earth could speak, this song is the voice of her pain.  What occurrence inspired the writing of this song?

A: "We grew up in Southern France, very close to nature, surrounded by forests. Although we currently live in London, the wonders of nature are still very close to our hearts. We were watching many documentaries about what's left of our lonely planet, and reading articles about wild life in general at the time we wrote "Earth". This is when we crystalized the idea of creating a song in which Earth would be able to share its pain with us. We wanted the music & lyrics to unequivocally convey a sense of power, pain, and beauty".

Q: Petite Ritournelle: What do you remember most about Turkey during the making of the video for this song?

A: "Filming Petite Ritournelle in Istanbul was surreal: the light, the friendship, the ambiance. All was perfect! Frank had great ideas about the props and Virginie hand-crafted the said props: the cards you see with words written on, the starry night and the star where hand made in our flat in London, as well as in the flat of our friends in Istanbul! The rain scene was shot while we were having lunch: it simply started to pour like a message from the heavens, and we ran outside under the storm, making many people laugh their encouragements at the sort of craziness we displayed. We finished our lunch in the restaurant, obviously completely soaked and happy :-) "

Q: You Owe Me: Can you share what was going on your life when you wrote this song?

A: "One of our friends was going through a rough patch, and that triggered the lyrics of the song. Frank had that beautiful chord progression and melody on the guitar, and from that point on the lyrics & vocals just seem to flow."

Q: Love Like This: Perfect wedding song for a couple and their first dance at their reception.

A: "You are right! It is a fun, lighthearted song. Perfect for a wedding!"

Q: Missing You:  Gives the feeling of a woman or man looking out of a window out into the night or early morning thinking about her love as she or he waits patiently for their return. There is a sadness, tears rolling down the persons face.  A little bird sits outside the window, peers in, and flys away.  What inspired the creation of this song?

A: "The song originated during the 1st year we spent living in the USA. Frank was living in Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, and Virginie was living in Oklahoma to study native languages. It is during that period of time that Virginie started to write the lyrics of what would become "Missing You". We called each other everyday for hours, but the pain of having to live apart for so long was very strong, and we missed each others presence like crazy. As for the music, Frank wrote the chord progression during that same period of time, not knowing Virginie was writing lyrics far away. When we finally could start living together all the time, and showed to each other the lyrics and music we had written when living apart, Virginie showed Frank what she thought would be a perfect match for the chord progression you can hear in "Missing You".

Q: So You Think:  This song brings a smile to my face.  Before I watched your video, I imagined a couple jumping, dancing and running through a field of grass holding hands.  What memories come to mind when filming this video?

A: "We woke up very early with our friends that night to drive to the sea, as we wanted to film the sun rising. We were on location at 4h00 in the morning and it was wonderful, the scenery was simply breathtaking. We had a lot of fun, writing in the sand or making bubbles, having our friends with us holding a few props. And although they don't appear in the video, playing with and cuddling a few lovely stray dogs felt wonderful."

Q: Cat-A-Strophy:  A flashback to the 50's sound, and I can't help looking over at my cat and feeling as if this song was written for him.

A: This put a smile on our face, as we feel exactly the same when we look at our cats :-)

Q: Everlasting Gave:  What is the meaning of the lyrics of this song?

A: Although we're blessed with a beautiful love relationship, it is unfortunately not the case for some our friends. This song is about the pain that goes inside when giving one's confidence and love to the wrong person, and the desire to escape, physically, mentally, and spiritually from the sense of being trapped by the negativity of such a relationship. The song is also about recovering a sense of freedom and hope, shared with a new loved one, being expressed in the last sentence "We're parting ways, With the last drop of her everlasting gaze".

Q: Last Elope:  I imagine the feeling of anticipation and excitement of someone in seeing their love again after each parting

A: Yes.

Q: The Blues: Foot stomping, head bopping song, voice and guitar with attitude, brings a smirk to my face.  Where were you when you first visualized the making of this song?

A: "We were jamming one night at home in London, during our 1st year of living in the UK. We were really just being silly, having a lot of fun, Virginie improvising lyrics and melodies sung into a broom in place of microphone, while Frank came up with a bluesy and funny chord improvisation on a toy guitar. And that's it, the song was written!"

Q: Rest Assured:  Song to let another person know that he or she gives the feeling of peace, trust and confidence and security in a relationship

A: "You're absolutely right".

Q: One, Two, Three: You can lean on me....

A: "Most definitely".

Watch a couple of their music videos:

About F&V:

"Frank & Virginie (F&V) are not only a musical duo, but they also are a married couple in life. Their very first live performance as what was to become "F&V" happened in Perugia (Italy, 2003) in front of 300-400 people. They played an Otis Redding song (Try a Little Tenderness). They lived in Boston (USA) for several years, before deciding to move back to Europe, and are currently residing in London.

It's only since they settled in London that F&V started to write a lot of original songs for voice and guitar, feeling ready to crystalize their musical love affair in the form of a first full length album. They have performed several times in London, and their first concert there was at the legendary Troubadour, a place which has been graced by so many of their heroes in the past (Hendrix, Joni Mitchell etc...). F&V's musical influences range from Blues-Soul & folk to Jazz and Electronica, as well as, 20th century Classical Music.

Last summer, F&V were lucky enough to fly to Instanbul, to shoot two music videos for the songs "So You Think" and "Petite Ritournelle". It felt like a real blessing to benefit from such a wonderful opportunity.

Their debut album has been recorded and mixed in their home studio in Dordogne (South-West of France), with a few additional overdubs recorded in London, at home. Now releasing their debut album entitled "Shivers Included", they look forward to playing live, which is what they enjoy the most."

Check out their websites at:

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/fvmusicduo
Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/fvmusicduo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FV.music.duo

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