Paper Diamond's Debut 'Black Rose' on 'Diplo and Friends'

  • Saturday, 01 February 2014 07:46
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Baby Wants a "Dube" and need a snack? No, I don't smoke, don't need to listening to Paper Diamond's new song "Black Rose", which premiered via Hypetrak on January 29th, 2014.

"Black Rose" one of the songs on Paper Diamond's debut mix for "Diplo and Friends" seems to make the harshness of a disasterous day slip away -- if you are at home listening, get up out of your chair and let the music course through your body until it becomes the lifeforce that makes every muscle gently sway and move to the beat.

"Black Rose" is among one of PD's recent releases that aired on BBC Radio 1's "Diplo and Friends" mix last weekend. PD's new "sexy" edit of "Jasmine" by Jai Paul, kicked off the second hour.

(Personally, I've never heard of Jai Paul, until Paper Diamond's edit. When I tried to find personal information on this artistic genious, the website literally came up "white". Hmmm.... Anyway, check out Jai Paul's Jasmine demo on SoundCloud, which, in my opinion, is actually more sensously sexy than PD's edit. Sorry PD!)

Alex B wrapped up by giving a nod to the man himself with his latest "Revolution" remix released on Diplo's Revolution Remix EP -- out now on Mad Decent.


This year Paper Diamond is headlineing 30+ date Cold Crush Tour as well as debuting his Las Vegas monthly DJ residency starting March 26th.

'On this tour Paper Diamond will be experimenting with new gear by incorporating creative beatmaking with an acclaimed sound library on Maschine Studio into his live stage productions. During 2014, fans can expect to hear a plethora of new tunes, some featuring never-before-heard collaborations during his recent LA studio sessions with various writers, producers and singers."

Tour Dates:

02-05-2014 Charlottesville, VA
02-06-2014 Philadelphia, PA
02-07-2014 New York, NY
02-08-2014 Boston, MA
02-12-2014 Washington, DC
02-13-2014 Syracuse, NY
02-14-2014 So Burlington, VT
02-15-2014 Portland, ME
02-16-2014 Northampton, MA
02-18-2014 Pittsburgh, PA
02-19-2014 Columbus, OH
02-20-2014 Cleveland, OH
02-21-2014 Detroit, MI
02-22-2014 Grand Rapids, MI
02-23-2014 Urbana, IL
02-26-2014 Milwaukee, WI
02-27-2014 Madison, WI
02-28-2014 Chicago, IL
03-01-2014 Minneapolis, MN
03-02-2014 Omaha, NE
03-05-2014 St. Louis, MO
03-06-2014 Lawrence, KS
03-07-2014 Tulsa, OK
03-08-2014 Fayetteville, AR
03-14-2014 South Padre, TX
03-21-2014 - 03-22-2014 New Orleans, LA
03-26-2014 Las Vegas, NV


Paper Diamond Official Website


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