Besureis - Another Smash Single - 'Crime of Life'

  • Wednesday, 15 January 2014 21:29
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How would you feel if you were a beautiful Orca whale once swimming free in an endless sea then suddenly trapped in a small space?

Well, Besureis does it again with another smashing hit single, "Crime of Life", and creates a hauntingly beautiful song that transports the listener into the mind and trapped spirit of a magnificent creature born to swim in open waters.

orcaThe whale reminisces of the time when he/she swam the massive endless sea and goes through a wave of emotions- loss, anger, depression, crying for release, crying out for help.

"Crime of Life" is just one of the many songs on Besureis's upcoming album titled "Crime of Life", where the band brings to light humanity's crimes of life including attacks against animals such as the senseless sport of bull fighting in "Not Today".

Stay tuned for more from this extremely creative and thought provoking band! Check out their website at for up to date news and information.


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