J.R. Byrd - A 'Down Home Son' with a 'Limitless' Creative Landscape of Sound

  • Thursday, 26 September 2013 17:27
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Twitter is a wonderful social media, every now and then a tweet comes in that captures my attention, in this case, a video by musician J.R. Byrd, "Robot Monkey".

The lyrics are extremely creative and the song arrangement is definitely ear catching-- A fun song that lightens up a "long, hard work week".

"Robot Monkey (Byrd, Paterno)

I gotta stop tryin' to stop and just stop
Every day fillin' up at the coffee shop
Cause I work, I work and I work 'til my neck hurts
I need a break from the tip of this iceberg
I go on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on
A Caffeine fueled Automaton

If I was, If I was a robot monkey
I would be worry free, swingin' through another 60 hour week
If I was, If I was a robot monkey
I would be so free, singing "ooh ooh ah ee ee"

Well I thought I'd like it a lot, but I guess not
This concrete jungle's one hell of a parking lot
I don't like the halogen white from the street lights
They're so bright I can't see the stars at night
They go on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on & on
They light up the asphalt Amazon

I'm standing in the banana line
Lunch isn't something that I have time for
I don't have the time; no I don't have the time"

Check out the acoustic version:

and the non-acoustic:

Now, who is this J.R. Byrd?  

On his website, he describes himself as a "Friend. Foe. Dog-lover. Sports Enthusiast..." but, most of all, a "Musician".

J.R. has a little bit of sound for everyone.  Based out of Denton, Texas, Byrd has been writing music since the age of 16, when he started writing "simple gooey love songs for various middle school crushes".

By the time he got "all growns up" in music school at the University of North Texas, he became experienced with the acoustic guitar, using it as his main songwriting tool.

"Step Into the Shade" (9/01/2005) contains catchy beats with descriptive lyrics painting pictures with sound using a creative assembly of vocals (J.R. Byrd and Rebekah Schwarz); Bass, Alto Saxophone, String/Brass (J.R. Byrd); Acoustic/Electric Guitars (Kory Washburn); Organ (Ross Redmon); Drums, Percussion (Sean McCurley); Viola (Sergio Gonzales); Violin (Nina Bishop); Cello (Angela Harvey); Flugelhorn (Dave Richards); Trombone (Scott Agster); and Baritone Saxophone (Ann Bradfield).  

J.R. Byrd's second album, "Limitless" (12-01-2009) is infused with incredible vocals that, along with a very "smart" musical arrangement, captivate and draw you into a "creative landscape of sound".

Footstomping, bluesy, jazzy and soulful -- each song on "Limitless" contains lyrics that are not only personal, but also thought provoking. (My personal favourite of his older stuff.)

J.R. Byrd's most recent release, "Down Home Son" (9/13/2013), contains acoustic versions of his most popular songs that accentuates his voice and incredible guitar fingerwork.

Check out all of J.R. Byrd's music on his website jrbyrd.com.

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