Next September


What do you get when you take two carpenters from Chicago, IL and a former U.S. Army Soldier from San Antonio, TX and throw them into a room full of instruments and sound equipment? No, not something built then destroyed again!

In the case of the band Next September, you get a blend of amazing skill, talent, and precision all mixed into densely layered musical performances topped with thought-provoking lyrical poetry. The band's signature guitar riffs, screaming leads, and surreal drum patterns are matched only by the powerful unique vocals and meaningful lyrics set atop them. The group's sound incorporates a healthy blend of alternative rock, metal, psychodelic rock, and gothic rock.

Jon Pruett (vocals/guitar) met Joe Tash (guitars/production) and Steve Underwood (drums/percussion) through the internet while he was stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army. Tash and Underwood were seeking a front man for their musical project when they came across Pruett's videos on YouTube; which were drawing in hundreds of thousands of views world wide.

The group continues to attract new fans from around the world with a growing number of copies of their debut EP distributed online as part of a free promotional program.

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"Godlike", "Epic", "Amazing!" – just a few of the ways fans online describe the band Next September.