Washington state-bred hip-hop/blue-eyed reggae/pop hybrid Emblem3 rose out of a series of performances on the 2012 season of musical competition show The X Factor. Though they didn't win first place on the show, the exposure got them signed to a major-label deal, and the sound of the band's debut, Nothing to Lose, is that of pure hyper-produced Top 40 pop, with booming beats, anthemic choruses, and walls of compressed sound supporting harmonies, hooks, and sometimes even slightly dancehall-informed scatting from brothers Wesley and Keaton Stromberg and their counterpart Drew Chadwick.

Emblem3 update the boy band template for the early 2010s, meshing the laid-back acoustic influence of Jack Johnson with their enormous teen pop production and formulaic melodies on standout tracks like "Chloe (You're the One I Want)," the breezy watered-down reggae tinge of "Just for One Day," and the saxophone-aided "Sunset Blvd."

The Emblem3 Crew:


What's one thing that you have to know about Drew? Well, it's that he loves being immersed in the wilderness, which can be anything from surfing along the Pacific coastline, snowboarding in the mountains, to just chillin up in a tree somewhere. If you ask him about his favorite song, he can't just pick one. It will more than likely be a tie between Songs Ocean by John Butler Trio and Semi Charmed by Third Eye Blind. Little something for everybody to keep in mind when it comes to Drew...he'll never turn down a movie night that involves Mulan or Pocahontas.


The more you get to know Keaton, the more you realize that there are a lot of fun things to know about Keaton. He is quite the fan of the movie Juno. Not only will he name it as his favorite film, but he sites Michael Cera as is his favorite actor as well. His favorite album of all time is Making Mirrors by Gotye, and would probably never turn you down if you asked him out on a lunch date to get gyros. Oh, and he really really likes cats. Meow.


Wesley is a pretty easy going guy. When he's not making music, you can generally find him at the gym working out, surfing, or maybe just chillin' and drinking a protein shake. Wanna know a few random fun facts? His favorite place to hang is at the river in Sequim, and The Peaceful Warrior is at the top of his 'you have to read this' list right now. Important thing to remember about Wesley: Sublime is the way to his heart. His favorite album is their self titled Sublime and he favorite track is Garden Grove.

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Official Website: http://www.emblem3.com/


Emblem3's Debut Album "Nothing to Lose" is a solid respectable first effort for them, and one hopes for more tracks like Sunset Blvd. in the future.

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