The band Besureis, "sure-is" a new sound and talent arriving on the music scene with their debut album "Strawberry". The album is an independent release featuring twelve original songs.

The overall feel of the album is excellent and thought provoking with beautifully executed vocals and lyrics.  The music tracks should definitely be played from the first intro to the end "Strawberry" instrumental in order to get the full emotional impact of the album.

The musical layering and arrangements are extremely intricate, not your simple base tunes and beats, and transport the listener through sound into the hearts and minds of the band's message.

The messages conveyed within the songs "Domino", "Blind", Mimic", and others, translate through the music and tell about life struggles, disappointments, heartaches, fears, and resolutions.  There are no bad tracks on this album, which is refreshing.

"Say No" touches on an issue that few people acknowledge - trophy hunting.  Which raises the question, What is the real affect of this horrible practice not only on the animal kingdom but also on the person's soul who is committing these unnecessary actions?

The track "Groovy" is infused with soul and a little bit of a dirty-minded attitude which shows the band's lighter side as they get down and jam with lyrics like: "Don't get enough of your monkey stuff, when my hands are tied, can you do it rough...".  How could this track not be fun?

The lyrics of "Colours Change" are both poetic and meaningful and tug at the heartstrings conveying how it feels to be left behind when a loved one moves on from this life.

"Strawberry" is one of the best new album releases by a new artist in 2013, and delivers a great sound that is missing in the music industry today.  There is a place for a band of this caliber and one hopes this release is only the beginning.


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