Arc Angel


Jeff Cannata and Michael Soldan had previously been in the popular Connecticut-based band Jasper Wrath. Cannata played drums and Soldan played keyboards; both composed most of the group's songs. After Jasper Wrath's demise in 1976, Cannata and Soldan continued writing songs together. Cannata started working with guitar and keyboards more in order to develop his songwriting abilities.

For those who don’t know their 80s melodic rock, Arc Angel are fronted by Jeff Cannata who was responsible for the melodic airs of the band’s 1983 self-titled opus, as well as putting together 70s progressive rock band Jasper Wraith, who were later fronted by House Of Lords vocalist James Christian.

Jeff Cannata - Guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, and vocals
Michael Soldan - Keyboards and vocals

Frequent contributors
James Christian - Vocals
Jeff Batter - Keyboards and vocals
Jay Jesse Johnson - Guitar
David Coe - Guitar

Sound Raves

Harlequins Of Light  - Tracklist

1     Harlequins Of Light
2     As Far As The Eye Can See
3     War (Battle Wounds Of Life)
4     Voice Of Illuminati
5     Through The Night
6     Amnesia
7     Fortune Teller 2
8     California Daze
9     Tonight …Forever
10     Get To You     
11     Diamonds And Gold     
12     Legend Of The Mary Celeste    


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