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Adrian von Ziegler is a instrumental music composer who lives in Zürich, Switzerland where he was born on Dec. 25, 1989. He gained popularity on the video-sharing website YouTube and in early 2014, his YouTube channel passed over 220,000 subscribers and his videos have garnered millions of views.

Adrian just released his latest album entitled "Libertas" with 17 amazing tracks of music that will transport you to far away lands and emotional states of consciousness‎. He is gifted beyond his years and has released 12 albums since 2010. His music can be described as emotional story telling though sound, a sound that transcends the need for lyrics and sung words. He was once asked about lyrics and who he would he like to work with if vocals were needed... he replied "Enya." A wise choice indeed.

Adrian says "Everyone is free to use my music if credits are given, I get this question many times so I hope people will see this."

Libertas (Released March 3, 2014)
by Adrian von Ziegler
1. Once Upon a Time 03:42
2. Druidic Dreams 04:27
3. In Light and Darkness 04:43
4. Arch Rivals 03:13
5. Celestial 05:54
6. Kingdom of Bards 04:28
7. Victorious 03:11
8. Hail to the King 05:41
9. Aeternitas 07:35
10. You're More Than You Know 03:19
11. Sacred Earth 03:03
12. Part of the Pack 03:59
13. Night Without a Star 05:29
14. Alvae 04:51
15. Firemane 03:44
16. Remembrance 04:03
17. Journey's End 03:44

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