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United States, Date: June 05, 2015


All | Horror | Supernatural | Thriller
  • Cast & Credits:

    Release date: June 5, 2015
    Studio: Dark Sky Films
    Director: Ted Geoghegan
    MPAA Rating: N/A
    Screenwriter: Ted Geoghegan
    Starring: Larry Fessenden, Barbara Crampton, Lisa Marie, Andrew Sensenig, Monte Markham
    Genre: Thriller, Horror   


Tagline: This house needs a family.

After the death of their college age son, Anne and Paul Sacchetti (Barbara Crampton and Andrew Sensenig) relocate to the snowswept New England hamlet of Aylesbury, a sleepy village where all is most certainly not as it seems. When strange sounds and eerie feelings convince Anne that her son's spirit is still with them, they invite an eccentric, New Age couple (Larry Fessenden and Lisa Marie) to help them get to the bottom of the mystery. They discover that not only are the house's first residents, the vengeful Dagmar family, still there - but so is an ancient power. A primal darkness slumbers under the old home, waking up every thirty years and demanding the fresh blood of a new family.

Did You Know?

Numerous characters in this film are named after characters or people associated with the Lucio Fulci film The House by the Cemetery (1981), which this film was inspired by.


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