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United States, Date: April 22, 2016


All | Action | Crime | Drama
  • Cast & Credits:

    Release date: April 22, 2016 (limited, On Demand)
    Studio: Lionsgate Premiere
    Director: Max Adams
    MPAA Rating: Rated R (for language throughout, some violence and sexual material)
    Screenwriter: Max Adams
    Starring: Bruce Willis, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Claire Forlani, John Brotherton, Daniel Bernhardt, Lydia Hull
    Genre: Action


Tagline: Never steal from a thief
After a botched heist, Eddie (Bruce Willis), a murderous crime boss, hunts down the seductive thief Karen (Claire Forlani) who failed him. In order to win back Eddie's trust, Karen recruits her ex-lover and premier thief Jack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) to steal a cargo of rare precious gems. But when the job goes down, allegiances are betrayed and lines are crossed as Jack, Karen, and Eddie face off in a fateful showdown.


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