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United States, Date: April 11, 2014


All | Comedy | Drama | Sports
  • Cast & Credits:

    Release Date: April 11, 2014
    Studio: Summit Entertainment (Lionsgate)
    Director: Ivan Reitman
    Screenwriter: Rajiv Joseph, Scott Rothman
    Starring: Kevin Costner, Jennifer Garner, Ellen Burstyn, Denis Leary, Frank Langella, Tom Welling, Chadwick Boseman, Sean Combs
    Genre: Comedy, Sports
    MPAA Rating: PG-13 (for brief strong language and sexual references)
    Websites: http://DraftDaythemovie.com | http://facebook.com/DraftDayMovie


On the day of the NFL Draft, general manager Sonny Weaver (Costner) has the opportunity to save football in Cleveland when he trades for the number one pick. He must quickly decide what he's willing to sacrifice in pursuit of perfection as the lines between his personal and professional life become blurred on a life-changing day for a few hundred young men with dreams of playing in the NFL.

Did You Know?

Initially passed R by the MPAA but Lionsgate appealed the rating and got a PG-13 rating without cuts.

The movie originally centered around the Buffalo Bills instead of the Cleveland Browns but the studio changed it to the Browns because the production costs in Ohio were actually cheaper.

Several cast members have connections to the world of Superman. Kevin Costner played Jonathan Kent in the 2013 theatrical film "Man of Steel". Frank Langella played Perry White in the 2006 theatrical film "Superman Returns". Tom Welling portrayed teenage Clark Kent in the long-running TV series "Smallville".


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