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Stallone and Schwarzenegger Team Up for 'Escape Plan'

  • Saturday, 21 September 2013 04:52
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Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger first flexed his muscles in the movie 'Twins' while looking at a Rambo poster of Sylvester Stallone we have thought "maybe they should star in a film together". The Expendables gave us a little taste of this but now, finally, comes Escape Plan (also known as The Tomb).

Tagline: The most secure prison ever built. The most unlikely alliance ever forged. The most daring breakout ever attempted.

Framed and thrown into an escape-proof prison that he designed himself, structural security expert Ray (Stallone) must use all his know-how to break out. Ray and a fellow inmate (Schwarzenegger) dodge the jail's corrupt warden and guards to track down who's behind the setup.

The basic plot brings back memories of 'Tango & Cash' with a little 'Lockdown' thrown in as well. The film is slated for a October 18th release. Yep, this should be fun. The Terminator meets Rambo, man and machine join forces, action at its finest.

Watch and enjoy!

Check out more information at TheArnoldFans. Click Here

 Summit Entertainment has unveiled the first official clip from next month's Escape Plan.  The clip finds Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger getting into a brawl.

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