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Coming Soon to Blu-ray from Olive Films: Best Seller, Chattahoochee, Convicts, End of Violence and More...

  • Tuesday, 17 March 2015 00:00
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Olive Films brings 6 films to blu-ray on March 24, 2015. Olive Films is a Chicago-based boutique theatrical and home entertainment distribution label dedicated to bringing independent, foreign, documentary, and classic films to life.

Quick List (Details Below)

BEST SELLER (1987 crime drama) is written by Larry Cohen and directed by John Flynn (JAMES WOODS - Once Upon A Time In America, Videodrome, Casino), (BRIAN DENNEHY - First Blood, F/X, Gorky Park, Silverado).

1990's CHATTAHOOCHEE is based on the true story of Chris Calhoun, a Korean War veteran who was suffering from what we now know as post-traumatic stress syndrome. (Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman).

CONVICTS is based on Horton Foote's nine-play biographical series, "The Orphans' Home Cycle". Foote is the cousin of Peter Masterson who directed CONVICTS. (James Earl Jones, Robert Duvall).

Wim Wenders' THE END OF VIOLENCE uses Hollywood moviemaking as a metaphor for this modern tale of commercialism, consumerism, and introspection. (Gabriel Byrne, Bill Pullman).

Documentary JOHN FORD: DREAMING THE QUIET MAN, narrated by Gabriel Bryne, is unlike any other film about The Quiet Man. (Maureen O'Hara, Peter Bogdanovich).

Robert Altman's VINCENT & THEO is about the life of Vincent van Gogh as told through his relationship with his art dealer brother, Theo van Gogh. (Tim Roth, Paul Rhys)

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