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Do You Believe, New Film by PureFlix, Out in Theaters March 20, 2015

  • Thursday, 22 January 2015 00:00
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From the creators of God’s Not Dead comes the stirring new film DO YOU BELIEVE?, opening in theaters March 20, 2015.

What happens when a dozen souls moving in entirely different directions intersect unexpectedly and discover something more than just the life they have been living?

What happens when these souls discover there is power in the Cross of Christ... even if they don't yet believe it?

On March 21st, 2014, a movie from PureFlix - God's Not Dead (which starred Kevin Sorbo) - took the heart of America by storm - and shocked Hollywood, with an estimated budget of $2,000,000, God's Not Dead brought in $9,244,641 opening weekend and a lifetime gross of $60,755,732, according to Box Office Mojo. It opened in 780 theaters and went on to expand to 1860 theaters due to its success.

“God’s Not Dead resonated with audiences because it explored and validated the existence of God. The obvious question was what’s the next step after that?” says producer Michael Scott. “The next step is Jesus Christ and the Cross."

Exalted by the incredible success of God’s Not Dead, the team at Pure Flix was eager to tackle a new ambitious story with the same writing team, Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon.

Konzelman and Solomon began this project the way they begin all of their screenplays: “We always pray, and the Lord comes in and lets us know what He wants,” Solomon says.

“We want to tell people about who our God is,” Konzelman says. “In this movie, no one has the whole story, no one knows all the pieces. That’s like life, isn’t it?”


It all begins late one night in Chicago, while driving home, Pastor Matthew (TED McGINLEY) is shaken to his core when he encounters the risk-taking faith of an old street-corner preacher walking across the street carrying a large wooden cross.  

"If you believe, the question is, what are you going to do about it?" the preacher challenges him reminding him that true belief always requires action.

This action challenge begins at home when the pastor and his wife, Grace (TRACY MELCHIOR), show compassion as they decide to serve Maggie (MADISON PETTIS), a homeless pregnant teen, and her unborn child; and later extends into the pulpit when Pastor Matthew begins preaching - and living - the message of the Cross.

Later we meet several characters touched by the power of the cross.

Do You Believe Gallery

Bobby (LIAM MATTHEWS), a paramedic, who is bravely living out his faith on the job; and his wife Elena (VALERIE DOMINGUEZ), an ER nurse, who seemingly prefers the joys of this world to the hope of the next.

Elena's brother Carlos (JOSEPH JULIAN SORIA), who's battling the demons from his combat days along with Lacey (ALEXA PENAVEGA), whose self-destructive path impacts Carlos.

Andrea (ANDREA LOGAN WHITE), a lawyer proudly committed to keeping faith out of the public square, and her boyfriend Dr. Ferrell (SEAN ASTIN), whose strongest belief is in himself and what he can rationally understand.

It reaches into the emergency room, where Joe (BRIAN BOSWORTH), who is seemingly on the losing end of a health crisis but clearly sees the victory awaiting him in eternity, befriends young Lily (MAKENZIE MOSS), who is filled with hope despite living in homeless shelters and occasionally a car with her world-weary mom Samantha (MIRA SORVINO).

J.D. (LEE MAJORS) who is convinced God can bring good from tragedy, and his long-grieving wife Teri (CYBILL SHEPHERD), who believes her life ended years ago when their daughter died.

And it all comes full circle to gang members Kriminal (SENYO AMOAKU) and Pretty Boy (SHWAYZE) and the street preacher Malachi (DELROY LINDO), who ignites this faith-fueled journey that powerfully impacts everyone in its path in ways only God could orchestrate.

“It’s a lot like the movie Crash in that there are multiple storylines,” says producer David A.R. White. “Every one of the characters is at different places in their lives but they all need that same thing. It’s about the power and the relevancy of the cross in today’s society. It’s a powerful movie.”

“DO YOU BELIEVE? takes Christianity to another level… the Cross. The Cross is critical, relevant and often debated in today’s culture. It has always incited passion, conviction, and controversy, and most of all… it changes lives," says Scott.

Filmed in Michigan in the fall of 2014, DO YOU BELIEVE? opens in theaters March 20th, 2015. More than a movie, it’s a question we all must answer in our lifetimes: DO YOU BELIEVE?

DYB FinalPoster

Official Website: http://doyoubelieve.com/

About Pure Flix Entertainment
Founded in 2005 by Michael Scott, David A.R. White, Russell Wolfe, and Elizabeth Travis, Pure Flix has become the largest independent faith and family studio in the world. With offices in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Pure Flix has produced, acquired, marketed, and distributed more than 85 faith and family-friendly properties. Through their mission to transform the human spirit through values-based entertainment, Pure Flix is the industry leader in creating high-quality inspirational feature film content. http://pureflix.com/

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