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Succubus a Short Horror Film Directed by Kim Sønderholm

  • Tuesday, 19 August 2014 00:00
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Short film "Succubus" has run it's course over a large number of film festivals worldwide and is now available for free viewing, courtesy of the filmsite "Ekko's Shortlist".

Emma is a young archeology student who stumbles on to something peculiar on an excavation trip to Syria. She hurries home and thats when the real nightmare starts.

"Succubus" is directed by actor Kim Sønderholm, written by Lars Egholm Fischmann, produced by Jan T. Jensen with cinematography by Allan Vælum. The movie is decided to the cinematographer who regretfully died very sudden only two weeks after completing the photography of the film. The score is by UK filmmaker Rusty Apper while the awesome creature make-up is by Anders Lerche under his company Far Out Effects. Lerche had just finished his work on ""Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" before completing this assignment.

The movie stars Kat Herlo as Emma, with supporting actors Nadia Bond, Miriam Yeager, Lars Bjarke, Michael Larsen, Steen Jaszczak and the director himself, Kim Sønderholm (Escaping the Dead, The Winedancers)

The movie is English language, produced in Denmark hence Danish subtitles. Running time is 18 minutes, and definately not suitable for young children - and definately not safe for work.

Watch it at http://www.ekkofilm.dk/shortlist/film/succubus-/


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