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Exclusive Q&A: 'Joston Theney' About His New Upcoming Horror Film 'Adam K'

  • Monday, 10 March 2014 00:00
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We caught up with Joston Theney, writer and director of Acort International’s recently acquired ‘80s horror throwback AXEMAN AT CUTTER’S CREEK, and sat down with him for some Q&A about his next film ADAM K, a psychological horror thriller.

The film stars "Axeman" veterans Dylan Hobbs, Arielle Brachfeld, Brinke Stevens, Jessica Cameron (from the upcoming Axeman sequel), Carlos Javier Castillo and Nihilist Gelo, along with new faces Kristin Wheatley, Sarah Nicklin, Jose Rosete, Sachiko Ishada, John Charles Smith and many more!

adam-k-film-joston-theneyQ: Give us the skinny on ADAM K.  What can you say about the film and killer that won't get you killed?

A: (Laughing) Well, considering I'd be the one doing the killing,  I guess I can tell you more than most.  ADAM K. is a very dark, emotional horror/thriller that is the first in a trilogy.  This film is a slow decent into darkness and madness but maybe not necessarily for the characters you might think.  And though the decent is slow, the bodies pile up quickly!  

Q: Pretty sure gore fans will be glad to hear about the body count.  You mentioned it's the first in a trilogy?

A: Yeah.  Well, when I sat down to write the story of Adam and got to the end, I realized there was only one way to really close the loop, so to speak.  I don't want to give anything away but even though the first film stands on it's own very well, there is more to Adam and his story and you feel it as the first film builds to it's conclusion.  We are actually in development on the continuation which will start filming in September of 2014, around the same time the first is finding it's way to the screen.

Q. So the plan is for the first film to show on the big screen?

A: Yep.  In limited release, but yeah.  It's a bigger film that my previous one and has all the right elements for a theatrical release so it'll premiere in Los Angeles and find it's way to a few cities before hitting home video.  

Q: Anyone from the original film set to reprise their role?

A: Can't say just yet.  That's top secret and WOULD get me killed (laughs.)

Q: You've been on the set of ADAM K for some time.  And you say it's a very dark, emotional horror/thriller.  What has production been like with that type of material?

A: Quite a bit different than my previous film AXEMAN AT CUTTER'S CREEK aka AXEMAN.  AXEMAN was a great mix of horror and comedy.  We kept the funny, funny.  And the scary, scary.  And everyone was loose and it was fun material to film. But with ADAM K., the entire film is so heavy and emotionally draining - for the characters and the actors, and me for that matter.  It's a film that explores loneliness and lovelessness, and the depths we'd all sink to in order to feel a connection - any type of connection, whether positive or negative - and keep it. Los Angeles can be the coldest place on Earth - I know this firsthand.  And as the Chinese saying goes, "The most terrible poverty of all is loneliness and the feeling of being unloved."  Steeping in that sort of emotional stew for such an extended period of time can be very heavy on the soul.  But my cast handled it in style and turned in some of their most incredible work so far.  It's be a real dream to work with Arielle and Brinke and Nihilist and Carlos again - they bring such an incredible sense of warmth and humor to the set.  And Kristin Wall Wheatley, my God, she turns in quite possibly her best performance ever and was such a blast to work with on this feature.  And it was such an honor to work with veterans Jessica Cameron and Sarah Nicklin for the first time.  Just an incredible group of performers and people in general.  They certainly made shooting this dark film a whole lot easier.

joston-theney02Q: What was the genesis of this project?  Where did it start?  

A: As with many of my ideas, the film came from my own struggle to make sense of myself and my world.  I've actually joked with the cast quite a bit about how much of myself and my life and my own experiences I've put into this script and the film.  I struggle with an almost debilitating degree of shyness.  Couple that with the fact that Hollyweird might not be the warmest city on the planet and you've got a recipe for loneliness.  And this project speaks to that loneliness and that desire to connect, but having a personality that doesn't quite allow you to reach out and touch the person next to you - and even when you work up the nerve to do so, it often has unintended consequences which further strengthen your reasons for being shy.  The difference however with Adam is that his reaction to a random act of kindness sets in motion a chain of events that will destroy the lives of everyone around him.  He is inexplicably drawn to darkness no matter how much he fights to stay in the light. I sat down one day thinking about my struggle and the struggle of someone similar to Adam and the words began to flow.

Q: The tagline reads "he'd kill to be your friend" and it's being marketed as "a new breed of serial killer."  What makes this film and character so different?  Where does this film fit in the horror/thriller genre?

A: Most serial killers are portrayed as homely, disheveled, anti-social recluses who stumble into an incident which sets them off.  But not Adam.  He's a charming, charismatic do-gooder who fights with all his might to keep his murderous instincts under control and ultimately just wants to feel any kind of connection he can to someone else.  But no matter how good of a neighbor, an employee or friend he tries to be, he just doesn't quite seem to fit in.  So his desperation builds.  His anxiety builds. And that desperation and anxiety gets directed at those he feels are undermining - knowingly or unknowingly - his desire to be a good person or his desire to have a meaningful relationship.  Those that undermine his goal to be well and do good.  As far as where this fits into the horror genre, I'd have to say comfortably into it's own niche - Killers Trying To Be Good People But Still Managing To Destroy The Lives Of Everyone Around Them.  Or does that already exist?  Hmmm.

Q: How many days did you guys shoot for?

A: We shot for about 10 days.  Spent 8 days in Los Angeles proper, 1 day in Santa Monica and 1 day in West Hollywood.  All shot completely guerilla style.  We actually had the police called on us once, which threatened to shut down production.  It was a frightful chase scene through a Los Angeles condominium where we even warned the neighbors beforehand.  But the lovely Sarah Nicklin and her powerful scream had neighbors from a completely different building calling the cops!  Imagine the officers' surprised when they show up and find various cast members completely covered in blood and calmly sipping espressos made by our wonderful make-up artist and co-star Eli G.

adam-k-film-joston-theney02Q: We know that you guys are just wrapping production, but what can we look forward to?  What do we have in store for us?  You think it'll go for PG-13 or a hard R?

A: Oh it's a hard R for sure!  Bludgeonings, stabbings and gunshot wounds.  And a character gets gutted!  Not sure we could get a PG-13 even if they watched with their eyes closed.

Q: You are also the director of Axeman At Cutter's Creek aka Axeman which will be released May 6, 2014 to DVD/VOD.  Axeman and Adam K. meet in a dark alley, who wins?

A: That's easy - whoever's watching!  

The official cast list for ADAM K. with character names is below:

Dylan Hobbs as ADAM K.
Arielle Brachfeld as JANICE PARSONS
Jessica Cameron as VANESSA COLLINS
Brinke Stevens as MRS. KRAUL
Sarah Nicklin as AMANDA COLE
Carlos Javier Castillo as GERRY HALLOWAY
Sachiko Ishida as MAU LIN
Julian Bane as MACK COLLINS
Lily Goldberg as SHARON GAETZ
Karen V. James as BARBARA NEWELL

Check at more at: https://www.facebook.com/AdamKTheMovie

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