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A Post-Apocalyptic American Frontier Film 'Dust of War'

  • Tuesday, 01 October 2013 17:30
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Set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic American Frontier, 'Dust of War' tells a classic tale of good versus evil, hope versus desperation.

Aliens invaded. They crushed us. And left unconquered lands to tyrannical opportunists. General Chizum rose to power and ruled with an unmerciful hand. But then a child was born -- one with a secret so powerful, even she would be kept from its truth. A resistance, The Free Legion, vowed to protect her until the time was ripe, convinced she would bring peace.

But the child, now a young woman, has fallen into the hands of the evil General Chizum. The Free Legion has dispatched Abel, a soldier of few words, and his cynical comrade, Tom Dixie, to rescue the girl.

With the power-hungry General Chizum on their trail, our heroes traverse the explosive Mineland and the Great Apocalyptic Plains in hopes of bringing Ellie to safety. Along the way, they encounter traveling showmen and mysterious alien invaders.

Will our heroes prevail? Or will hope succumb to the abyss of despair? The dust has far from settled and humanity hangs in the balance.

DIRECTOR: Andrew Kightlinger
STARRING: Tony Todd, Doug Jones, Gary Graham, Steven Luke, Bates Wilder, Jordan McFadden

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