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United States, Date: January 24, 2014


All | Action | Thriller
  • Cast & Credits:

    Release Date: January 24, 2014 (limited)
    Studio: Lionsgate
    Director: Peter Hyams
    Screenwriter: Eric Bromberg, James Bromberg
    Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Tom Everett Scott, Orlando Jones
    Genre: Thriller
    MPAA Rating: R (for strong violence and language, and for sexuality and drug use)
    Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/EnemiesCloserJeanClaudeVanDamme


After a major shipment of drugs goes missing on the US-Canadian border, forest ranger and former Navy SEAL Henry is plunged into survival mode when the drug cartel forces him to help retrieve the downed package. Trapped in the wilderness with no communication to the outside world, Henry finds himself face to face with Clay, a man with a personal vendetta against Henry who has returned for retribution. Now, the two mortal enemies must make a choice: put aside their past and work together, or die alone at the hands of the drug runners, a ruthless gang who will stop at nothing to retrieve their lost cargo.


Van Damme-ge gone Canadian and speaking French in this one. The older Van Damme may have matured in his years, but he hasn't lost his touch. This film starts out simple enough, a plane crash, bad guys who want the cargo and a couple dudes that stand in the way. There are some interesting plot twists, enemies that become allies and Van Damme adding a comic edge to the overall pacing of the film. The ending and the one-liner Van Damme delivers shows that he has a flare for comic-timing. Which is great, considering his next film "Welcome to The Jungle" is a comedy. Tom Everett Scott (An American Werewolf in Paris) and Orlando Jones (who plays Captain Frank Irving on Sleepy Hollow) round off the main cast and add the friendship type of bond, forged under difficult circumstances, as they try to survive Van Damme and his group of baddies onslaught. It's a fun film a bit light on story with a really basic plot, but the acting and Van Damme make it worth watching. Grab the popcorn and enjoy. ~ ScreenRave



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