In Terminator Genisys the year is 2029. John Connor, leader of the resistance continues the war against the machines. At the Los Angeles offensive, John's fears of the unknown future begin to emerge when TECOM spies reveal a new plot by SkyNet that will attack him from both fronts; past and future, and will ultimately change warfare forever.

Let's take a peek at what is coming out (November 24-30, 2014) and see what's landing on Blu-ray and DVD. Movies showing up in the near future "yes, we have a crystal ball and we are using it"!

I must have been sleeping, or still getting smacked around by the action in The Expendables 3, or spending too much time with Andie MacDowell in Cedar Cove, either way, I missed the news about Arnold Schwarzenegger playing a farmer and a dad whose daughter turns into a zombie in an upcoming film called Maggie.

Alan Taylor director of the upcoming Terminator 5, or more likely, the reboot of the Terminator franchise, which is planned as a trilogy of films with the first one due in theaters on July 1, 2015 is not the only news. Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz have been hired to write and executive produce a new Terminator TV series that will intersect with the films.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is now in theaters, put us on a quest for the best Cheesy B-Movie Goodness Sci-Fi we could think of, naturally there are tons of them, and everyone will have their own choices, but we picked a few of our own.

Arnold Schwarzenegger headlines the action thriller "Sabotage" as John 'Breacher' Wharton. He plays leader and alpha dog to a pack of hyper-masculine brawlers. Schwarzenegger heads his own "Expendables" looking group, minus Stallone.

Alan Taylor, who has been involved with HBO's Game of Thrones, and directed Thor: The Dark World, which opened to an estimated $86 million this past weekend is putting together another Terminator movie, this one co-written by Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier.

The third week since its release and "Gravity" still claims the number one spot, easily beating the three new releases this week and grabbing another $31 million. Gravity has earned $170.6 million, which ranks tenth in movie releases for 2013.

Having already set an October opening weekend record, Gravity held onto first place for the second consecutive week. 

According to estimates, Alfonso Cuaron's critically acclaimed adventure added another $44.2 million, bringing its ten-day domestic total to a whopping $123.4 million.

Ever since Arnold Schwarzenegger first flexed his muscles in the movie 'Twins' while looking at a Rambo poster of Sylvester Stallone we have thought "maybe they should star in a film together". The Expendables gave us a little taste of this but now, finally, comes Escape Plan (also known as The Tomb).