Cheesy B-Movie Goodness: My Science Project (1985)

This addition into our Cheesy B-Movie Goodness brings both 80's nostalgia and silly fun with a time-twist to boot. My Science Project came out around the time when teenage sci-fi comedies, like Back to the Future (1985), Weird Science (1985), The Last Star Fighter (1984), were banking good box office bucks.

My Science Project (1985)
Cast: John Stockwell, Dennis Hopper, Danielle von Zerneck, Fisher Stevens, Raphael Sbarge, Richard Masur

His high school teacher (Dennis Hopper) issues an ultimatum: Turn in a science project or flunk. So Mike Harlan (John Stockwell) scavenges a military base's junk pile for a suitable gizmo. He finds one ... and unwittingly unleashes the awesome power and energy of the unknown. Twisted dimensions. Time warps. A fantastic realm where the past, present, and future collide in a whirling vortex of startling adventure and superlative special effects!

Did You Know?
In a scene where John Stockwell's character is under his car "goat" fixing it, Fisher Stevens says to him: "Ya know, I seen this movie where this haunted car flames guys out.", referring to John Carpenter's Christine (1983) in which Stockwell had a major role as Dennis Guilder.

Stockwell refers to his '68 GTO in the film as a goat, I always wanted a goat of my own. He goes on a date to a junkyard, and almost destroys the world, now that is a date! The orb-time-altering-device in the film is a plasma ball from Spencer's, now that is just cool. It's a fun, campy, borderline silly film with a wacky Dennis Hopper as his teacher, it's just plain goodness. Stockwell also starred in another Cheesy B-Movie in 1985 called "Radioactive Dreams," but that is another story, worthy of its own place in Cheesy B-Movie Goodness.

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