Cheesy B-Movie Goodness: Dolph Lundgren in Battle of the Damned

Battle of the Damned sounds like a vampire movie based on the title, but it's not. Instead, the film goes another path with explosions, bullets, zombies, robots and Dolph Lundgren. The film releases February 18, 2014, on Blu-ray™ and DVD.

Anchor Bay Films presents Battle of the Damned - When a deadly virus is accidentally released into a major city, its population is quarantined by military blockade. And for a wealthy industrialist desperate to rescue his daughter from inside the rabid chaos, his only hope is former commando Max Gatling (Lundgren). Now Gatling has one day to bust in, blast through hordes of the undead, find the girl, and hunt for a way to get them both out alive. But will a small band of survivors and an army of killer robots turn his mission into maximum slaughter?

Matt Doran (The Matrix) and David Field (Chopper) co-star in this intense action thriller that is arguably one of Lundgren's cheesy best films.

The film also stars Esteban Cueto (Fast Five, Iron Man 2, The Scorpion King), Battle of the Damned is a terrifying look into the future. Set against a ravaged landscape, it is a battle against flesh and steel – a battle between outlaw and outbreak!

Battle of the Damned is written and directed by Christopher Hatton and produced by Ehud Bleiberg, Leon Tong, and Hatton.

Dolph Lundgren does what he usually does in the film, fight to survive and kill stuff. Which is a good thing in many ways for action lovers. The movie actually does a pretty good job with the story and the characters, once the film gets rolling, it's a fun zombie-robot-action flick that battles down to the end, enjoy the ride and grab some popcorn along the way.

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