Cheesy B-Movie Goodness: Hell Comes to Frogtown, The Road Warrior, The Terminator

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which is now in theaters, put us on a quest for the best Cheesy B-Movie Goodness Sci-Fi we could think of, naturally there are tons of them, and everyone will have their own choices, but we picked a few of our own.

Science Fiction is not always about hopping on a starship and flying at lightspeed across the galaxy (ie: Star Trek) or fighting off an alien invasion like "Ender's Game". Sometimes, it's about the future or possible future. It may be apocalyptic in nature, about a disease that ravages the population, maybe something like a comet that hits the planet, perhaps it's manmade or a natural disaster that takes out the human race, but no matter what happens most Science Fiction movies involve epic change and struggle of some kind.

Very few paint a future where everyone is happy and all is good, robot servants, no sickness, crime is gone and world peace has been achieved. And our Cheesy Goodness choices for Science Fiction don't either. Let us begin, shall we...

hell-comes-frogtown-imgHell Comes to Frogtown
Cast: Roddy Piper, Sandahl Bergman, William Smith (no not that Will Smith), Lee Garlington, Rory Calhoun, Julius LeFlore, Cec Verrell

In the radioactive wasteland of the future, Sam Hell is one of the last fertile men on the planet. A female organization intent on repopulating kidnaps Sam and sends him on a deadly mission to impregnate a group of beautiful women.

Sounds like a male fantasy right? What can one really say it's got Roddy Piper from John Carpenter's They Live, so turn off the mind and just go with it. Yes, this is not for children and at times it can be a bit raunchy, but that is what makes it "Cheesy Goodness". Also, Sandahl Bergman from Conan the Barbarian is in it, and interestingly enough she is in another apocalyptic movie called "SHE", so double Cheese It and have fun.

the-road-warrior-imgThe Road Warrior
Cast: Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, Max Phipps, Michael Preston, Vernon Wells, Kjell Nilsson, Emil Minty

Mel Gibson returns as burned-out adventurer Mad Max, helping a band of refugees across the post-nuclear desert and battling hordes of punkish marauders in a non-stop death race, in one of the most intense action films ever made.

The film is also known as Mad Max 2, but most people didn't know there was a first film until after The Road Warrior came out. This film was Mel Gibson's vehicle to fame, get it "vehicle". The movie was filmed at a time when CGI was too new, and real stunt people had to do all the physical lifting themselves risking injury or worse for our enjoyment. Of course one has to mention Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome the third and final film in the Mad Max saga and Tina Turner was in it as well. Did I say final film..? Yes, at least so far, until Mad Max: Fury Road comes out in 2015.

the-terminator-imgThe Terminator
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn, Linda Hamilton, Paul Winfield, Lance Henriksen

In the year 2029, the ruling super-computer, Skynet, sends an indestructible cyborg (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back in time to 1984 to kill Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) before she can fulfill her destiny and save mankind.

Schwarzenegger went from muscle bound barbarian in Conan, to skin covered cyborg in James Cameron's Terminator. They also teamed again for T2: Judgemnet Day. The terminator films that followed have been disappointments so far, but a new one looms in the future and is slated for release in the summer of 2015. The new Terminator movie is being called "a time-spanning story that sees Schwarzenegger tasked to protect Sarah Connor as she grows up."

More Science Fiction Cheesy B-Movies are coming stay tuned, this is only the beginning, as Schwarzenegger would say and did say "I'll be back".

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