Olive Films Brings Mannequin and Mannequin Two to Blu-ray with Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall and Kristy Swanson

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Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall star in Mannequin (1987), and for the first time, like ever, we get to watch them on Blu-ray thanks to Olive Films.

But wait, there's more, Olive Films is also releasing Mannequin Two on the Move, starring Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and the film gets the Blu-ray treatment too.

Mannequin (1987)

mannequinThis inspired comedy, a nod to such romantic fantasy films as One Touch of Venus, is directed and co-written by Michael Gottlieb (A Kid In King Arthur's Court) with Edward Rugoff (Double Take). The film co-stars James Spader (Pretty In Pink) as Switcher’s work rival; Meshach Taylor (TV's Designing Women) as his outrageous and flamboyant co-worker; Estelle Getty (TV's Golden Girls) as the owner of Prince & Company; and G.W. Bailey (Police Academy, TV's Major Crimes) as the store’s security chief.

Burgeoning artist Jonathan Switcher (Andrew McCarthy, Pretty In Pink) is reunited with the love of his life (well, his artistic life anyway) when he discovers the beautifully crafted mannequin he created years earlier is now prominently displayed in the window of the Prince & Company department store. Much to his surprise, and to the delight of the viewer, Jonathan will discover that his art project has more than superficial human traits when it quite literally springs to life in the form of “Emmy” (Kim Catrall, Sex And The City).

Actors: Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty, James Spader, G.W. Bailey
Directors: Michael Gottlieb
Writers: Michael Gottlieb, Edward Rugoff
Studio: Olive Films
Release Date: September 22, 2015

Mannequin Two on the Move (1991)

mannequin2Kim Cattrall was the store window statue-come-to-life of the first film, and Kristy Swanson, before Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is a natural for this sweet fable of a handsome prince breaking a centuries-old spell that trapped our sweet heroine in plastic.

A romantic confection, Mannequin Two On The Move is a comic look at reincarnation, lost love and fabulous window displays. This sequel to the popular Mannequin finds the outrageous Hollywood Montrose (Meshach Taylor, TV’s Designing Women) promoted to Prince & Company’s display department. Joining Hollywood on the job is new assistant, Jason Williamson (William Ragsdale, Fright Night) who in a past life was the prince of the Hauptmann-Koenig kingdom.

Actors: Kristy Swanson, William Ragsdale, Meshach Taylor
Directors: Michael Gottlieb, Stewart Raffill
Writers: Michael Gottlieb, Betsy Israel, David Isaacs, Edward Rugoff, Ken Levine
Producers: Art Levinson
Studio: Olive Films
Release Date: September 22, 2015

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