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'Dogs & Me' is a single camera sitcom loosely based on the life of writer/director, Matt Rocklin. The series is a comedy web series centered on a young, Hollywood actor, and his two talking dogs. From unexpected awkwardness, to absolute insanity, ‘Dogs & Me’ is a never-ending journey that both pulls at the heart strings & tickles the funny bone.



Cast & Credits


    Matt Rocklin as Matt
    Petra Areskoug as Scarlet
    Ray Plumb as Jerry
    Samantha Gutstadt as Megan
    Karen Strong as Laura
    Jani Blom as Fred
    Christine Moore as Stacey
    Christopher Gehrman as Chris.


    Matt Rocklin (Producer/Writer/Director/Editor)
    Miguel Amodio (Cinematographer/Asst. Editor/Post Supervisor)
    Jonathon Williamson (Production Sound Mixer/Sound Designer)
    Michael Lang (Production Manager)
    Derek Jordan (Main Title Theme/Original Music)

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