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For centuries and from great civilizations all around the world, Shaman began to see clues of a massive global reset that would wipe out all mankind. Not knowing how or when this reset would occur, they took it upon themselves to come up with a solution. The age old practice of arranged marriages took on a whole new purpose, to breed a male and female capable of surviving the great reset in order to further mankind.

Hundreds of marriages from tribes all around the planet were arranged to breed the strongest, fastest and smartest survivor possible. Throughout time, greed and self serving motives transformed some of the bloodlines into evil while most remained good. Over time, the legend of the survivors grew and the evil survivors battled with the good survivors for supremacy in order to control the destiny of the planet.

Cast & Credits


    Scarlett James as Emily Chance
    Christopher Howell as Will Harper
    Jason Barnes
    Anna Houser
    Heather Lannan
    Stanley Louis
    Lauren Staggs


    Chris Hollo
    Mark Mosrie
    Stacy Lockhart
    Lindsay Zgonina
    Chris Smith
    Cody Shipley
    Jared Hicks
    Drew Weaver
    Heather Sturm
    Kayla Stewart
    Justing Stokes

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