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Aningaaq presents the other side of that conversation, introducing Orto Ignatiussen as the title character, an Inuit fisherman on a remote fjord in Greenland, where the short was shot on location.  The connection to Gravity is seamless, as Bullock's dialogue is included in full here and Aningaaq's side is heard in the film.  The short reinforces the impact of the scene in Gravity, going far beyond a tie-in gimmick and adding to the artistry of the movie in a unique way.


Cast & Credits

Written & Directed by Jonas Cuaron
Copyrights @ Warner Bros

Jonas Cuaron's seven-minute companion short, filmed in Greenland and featuring Bullock's voice

Fun Stuff

Gravity co-writer Jonas Cuarón has created a gorgeous short film "Aningaaq" that ties into the blockbuster film Gravity on both narrative and thematic levels, enriching Gravity and standing on its own.
 Warner Bros. has submitted Aningaaq for Oscar consideration in the live-action short category.  Should it be nominated, it'll be a weird confluence of feature and short film drawn from the same material and directed by a father and son.  In other words, just the sort of story that people love to see win Oscars.

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