Touchback [Paperback]
by: Don Handfield


When Scott Murphy scored the winning touchdown in the 1991 state championship game, it should have launched a golden future—the full scholarship to Ohio State, the million-dollar signing bonus, marriage to the beauty queen, and NFL glory.

Instead, it all ended with a sickening pop as his leg shattered in four places. The next twenty years would be a study in Murphy’s Law—whatever could go wrong did. Just when things seem at their worst—he's losing his farm, his relationship with his wife is crumbling—a miracle happens: Murphy gets a chance to reboot his life.

Back in his teenaged body in 1991, he realizes by changing his past, he can have the future he always wanted. Everything he lost is within his reach, even his high-school sweetheart.

But what about the devoted wife he left behind? Torn between two women—two lives—he can only choose one future. Murphy must decide if getting everything he’s ever wanted is worth giving up everything he’s ever had…

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Paperback: 278 pages
Publisher: Sky VIllage Press (April 20, 2012)
Language: English


SR Quick Take...

Murphy is a man on the edge of failure. His dreams of being a professional football player and escaping the small town life are shattered just like his leg after winning the big High School game. Now, 20 years later his last name "Murphy" seems to be a curse, just like "Murphy's Law: if it can go wrong it will", and for our Scott Murphy it's a series of one bad thing after another.

He's broke. He's lost in a world of self pity and everything is crumbling down around him. But fate seems to be looking down on him and something, a second chance, a do-over is about to happen.

For me at times, especially by the end, it reminded me of "It's a Wonderful Life" in many ways. It has a family man at the story's core, liked by many people and loved by his wife and children, but still life isn't what it should be or what Murphy expected it to be. He moves toward a dramatic and final action, then fate or an intervention occurs and he has a chance to alter the outcome.

One last thought for those who may not like football or books about sports. This book isn't really about the game of football, although football is a big part of Murphy's life. It's ultimately about life struggles, the decisions we make, the dreams we lose, and redemption if we look hard enough. It's the journey of a man who finds a new purpose in life and with new meaning added to his life, a new happiness is discovered.

The book is very well written and descriptive. I also might add that the movie is very well done for an independent film. And it follows the book pretty close. A classic in its own right.

Highly Recommended...

About the Author

Don Handfield is an American author and filmmaker. He was born in Bloomington, Indiana in 1971, raised in Maine, Indiana, Virginia and Connecticut. He attended high school in Northern Virginia where he was captain of the wrestling team and a member of the state champion gymnastics team. He has worked as a farmhand and a construction worker, and studied journalism and theater at The Ohio State University. Now a full time filmmaker and producer, he wrote and directed the feature film Touchback, starring Kurt Russell and Christine Lahti. He is currently writing and producing Slingshot for Paramount Pictures. Don lives in Los Angeles with his wife Tressa, and their two children.

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