Featured Author of the Month: 'Warren Fahy' Fragment: A Novel

warren-fahy-fragmentFeatured Author of the Month: 'Warren Fahy' May 2014

Fragment: A Novel
by Warren Fahy

Aboard a long-range research vessel, in the vast reaches of the South Pacific, the cast and crew of the reality show Sealife believe they have found a ratings bonanza. For a director dying for drama, a distress call from Henders Island—a mere blip on any radar—might be just the ticket. Until the first scientist sets foot on Henders—and the ultimate test of survival begins.

For when they reach the island’s shores, the scientists are utterly unprepared for what they find—creatures unlike any ever recorded in natural history. This is not a lost world frozen in time; this is Earth as it might have looked after evolving on a separate path for half a billion years—a fragment of a lost continent, with an ecosystem that could topple ours like a house of cards.

Fahy's imaginative debut puts a fresh spin on the survival-of-prehistoric-beasts theme popularized by Jurassic Park. When members of the cable reality show SeaLife, aboard a ship in the South Pacific, respond to a distress beacon from Henders Island, several of the show's scientists wind up slaughtered by bizarre animals on the remote island. In response, the U.S. government blockades Henders Island to contain the serious biothreat its unique fauna could pose to humanity. The ship's botanist, Nell Duckworth, joins the investigative team, which quickly finds that arthropods on the island have evolved into sophisticated and ferocious life forms. Particularly memorable and frightening are the creatures Nell dubs spigers, which have eight legs and are twice the size of a Bengal tiger. Exciting debates on topics like the role of sexual reproduction in the development of life on Earth provide a sound scientific background. ~ Publishers Weekly

Mass Market Paperback: 528 pages
Publisher: Dell (June 22, 2010)
Language: English

About the Author
New York Times bestselling author WARREN FAHY started digging fossils at age eight and writing novels at age twelve. He was a bookseller, editor, journalist, database designer and lead writer for Rock Star Games' Red Dead Revolver and WowWee Robotics, as well as one of the originators of the word "mullet" before publishing the science thriller FRAGMENT, nominated for a BSFA and an International Thriller Award and published in 19 languages (now in China!) and the sequel, PANDEMONIUM, now in paperback.

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